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From two different worlds of the same World

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 10:56am by Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: USS Eclipse

Amanogawa Kirara was in her office, typing up some new reports. She couldn't help but feel a bit ....disoriented. She had been preparing to tackle the next issue as the Head, but now she was second in command on this.

Which probably made sense - as Kirara had yet to get her feet wet - as it were - and Patton - given his age - probably had tons of experience.

However, Kirara (though she would be loathe to admit it) was concerned about how Patton would take to having a fashion model as his assistance.

She continued sorting to get her mind off of it...putting on her normal brave face.

Commander Patton stood outside Kirara's office and pressed the buzzer.

Kirara said "Come on in..." She was a bit surprised to see her new Senior Officer at the door. She straightened up a bit...and saluted. "Um Greetings, Sir."

Patton smiled and said, no need to salute in quarters, Lieutenant. I just came by to ask if there was anything you wished to discuss before we bean down to meet the Romulans?"

"Discuss? Only that I am greatly concerned about how they are going to deal with us? Their last incident with the USS Eclipse shows that they're not above anything to accomplish their goals."

Patton sighed. " Lieutenant..that was then...*this* is *now.* The team will not be going to this with blinders on, we know from past experience how the Romulan's operate. That's one of the reasons I wanted to chat with you before we beamed down. We know that *sometimes* in our past talks with them, they have used an officer of non-Command rank to do their speaking for them. It's felt that they are doing this to demonstrate how their ' higher-ups' feel about us, in that they are to 'important' to talk directly to us. So, if they should start this, I would like you to answer. And, after you've finished, address an question back at them. "

She nods. "Certainly sir...I've been preparing this for quite some time. I'll do my best to ensure peace is maintained..and safety. May I ask Sir..what made you take up this charge? I mean Diplomatic Head.."

Patton sort of smiled. " It...was presented to me by Star Fleet as an 'distinguishing way to finish one's service to the Federation and Star Fleet.' And that's about all I wish to state about that right now. Perhaps when I am in an 'mellower mood' I will let you in on the ' whole story. ' "

She nods. "Sorry..didn't mean to pry... Believe it or not..I never thought I'd be doing this, but well...sometimes, as they say....there's a price to paid ...if you fight or if you stay...and I paid the price for not getting involved."

Patton nodded an ' yes.' " Soooo, you got involved, * I * got involved, and we're *both* paying an price for it."

Kirara smirked. "Or maybe the others will be paying for it too? They have to deal with the two of us!"

Patton looked directly at the Lieutenant. " Lieutenant, I plan to go by the book while using what my 'gray matter' has absorbed, to do my best for the Federation, and this ship and its crew. I sincerely hope you will as well. "

Kirara nodded. "I'm not that kind of lady... don't worry. I'm not going to besmirch my family in my duty." She paused. "I may joke...but trust me... I'm just as serious in this as anyone else."

Patton slightly grinned. " So am I. You ready for this mission?"

She nods. "Yes. Most certainly..."

Now, Patton looked directly at her. " Now the *big* question. Do *you* trust the Romulans?"

She looks back. "Officially... we need to give everyone a due amount of trust at that they will in turn trust us. Unofficially, no farther than I can throw them."

Commander Patton laughed. " That's the spirit! Remember that when we're in those talks with them....though don't let it cloud your ears and brain. Things may happen at this meeting, hopefully good things that may effect the future..your future...."

Kirara looked off into the distance. "I'll settle for it just making sure no one else's mother needs to die ever again... That would be enough for me."

Patton nodded in agreement. " That's always an possibility, one never knows what may happen with these discussions. Every time there's been these talks as they call them, some one throws a joker into the pile of cards. Well, not this time, not on my watch. The Federation wants me to accomplish something, and by golly, we're going to do that." Patton looked at Kirara and winked.

Kirara nods and winks back. "Let's make a difference..shall we?"

Patton hefted two spiral bound pages of notes. " Now this one on top has to do with current negotiations, and this one on the bottom is something I plan to introduce as well, and it either will be greeted with wild expectations, or go over like an lead balloon. "

Kirara smirks. "I get the feeling I'd better get the Missus to put some coffee on! I've got a lot of reading to do tonight. Anything else sir? "

Patton turned to her. " Read the top one, that has to do with this conference, the bottom one you can read if what I'm thinking about actually seems to be workable."

Kirara nods. "Understood. Maybe after this next mission, you could come to my quarters for dinner. HaruHaru would love to meet you!"

Commander Patton smiled. " Sounds like plan. Shall we get ready to depart to meet our Romulan counterparts?"

She nods and stood up, saluting her commander. "Let's make this happen!"

The Commander and Lieutenant headed off to the meeting.


Commander Robert George Patton
Chief Diplomatic Officer/2nd Officer


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