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Transporter Room Chatter

Posted on Wed Mar 29th, 2017 @ 12:42pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms & Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Transporter Room
Timeline: MD 4 08:00


Admiral Barks was in the transporter room waiting for his party to be ready. He thinking about what may happen on the surface.

Commander Patton walked into the transporter room and nodded at the Technician, then ambled over to the Admiral. " Ready to ' make history, ' Admiral ? "

Chris looked over at the egar Commander and said, "That has yet to be seen, Commander. I hope we do.

Robert looked around the room and then straight at the Admiral. " We'll do our best, that I know of. What ever we accomplish I'll leave to the 'Historians' to muddle through and either assign blame or heap compliments on us. Either way, by the time they hunt and peck over every nuance of this treaty for an explanation, the majority of us will be long gone. There was one other bit I wished to clear with you. If it meets with your approval, if the Romulans Head speaker states that one of his members of ' lower rank' will speak first, or for them, then with your permission, I'd like Lieutenant Amanogawa to answer?"

Admiral Barks asked, "What makes you think they will also, why her?"

Patton spoke in an low voice, so that only the Admiral might hear. " If the head of their group feels that it might be ' beneath him' to speak directly to and with us, he might use an Romulan of 'lower rank,' to express their wishes. Thus we would 'counter' with the Lieutenant. She's good, Admiral. The two of us had a talk a while ago. She's young, but she's ready and able. "

Amanogawa said nothing...but blushed a little..not used to being the topic of discussion.

Admiral Barks said to Commander Patton, "Very well, diplomacy is delicate to say the least. I'll step aside if I have to."

Nikki walked in sticking a strand of hair into the hair tie that held her ponytail. With a Field Trauma Kit slung over her shoulder she stepped up onto the transporter pad and smiled at the two men. "Gentlemen," she said in greeting.

Admiral Barks acknowledged the entrance of his Chief Medical Officer.

Commander Patton nodded in the Doctor's direction.

Cassandra entered the transporter room and walked over to the console. Standing next to the transporter operator she hooked her thumbs on her belt buckle and said to the operator, "keep a lock on them so we can beam them out at the first sign of trouble."

"Aye aye, Commander," the operator said.

Taavis entered wearing her Starfleet dress uniform, finding the black jacket most agreeable. She had thought about wearing her all white catsuit, with matching hooded cloak. This would not be as offensive to the Romulans as would showing up looking so Vulcan. Stepping to the pad she nodded greetings to those there and took her place.

Now in his dress duds, Byrnes wore a black weapons belt/tactical holster that matched the black jacket. For dress ceremonies when Security is required. "Howdy, folks," he said with a straight grin as he stepped to his spot. "Ready, Sir."

Cassandra waited until Shack was in place then stepped out from behind the control console. She walked over to the pad and pulled a small box out from under her belt then tossed it to Shack. "You're out of uniform Lt. Commander," she said. "Don't want our Chief of Security to be sporting the wrong insignia."

Catching the tossed item and opening his hand to see what it was, Shack heard the promotion stated with casual ease. Hearing such good news made him give a true grin. "Thank you, Sir." Switching out his rank pips Shack slid the old Lieutenant pips into his slacks pocket. "If what Taavis says about them is right, them NOT knowing I am now a Lt. Commander might get their dander up." He gave a crooked smirk and a wink. "I can't wait."

Admiral Barks turned to his new Lieutenant Commander and said, "Congratulations, Commander!" He extended his hand.

Shaking the Admiral's hand Shack gave a curt nod. "Thank you, Admiral. I'll have to celebrate later, but it is a welcome surprise."

"They always are, Commander." Chris said.

"First Romulan to call me lieutenant, I'll bite their head off verbally," said Shack, chuckling at the idea. "Gives you kudos in their eyes if you know something they don't, right?"

Chris laughed and said, "It defiantly catches them off guard, that is for sure, Commander."

"Congratulations, Shack," Nikki said, patting Byrnes on the shoulder.

"Thanks," replied Shack, glancing at Nikki.

Billi left her post on the bridge, went to Intel, then made her way to the transporter room with the away team. Entering and giving glances and nods to all she walked over and stood before Taavis. Reaching up both hands she cupped her Supervisor's cheeks in her hands. "You stay alert, boss. Being who you are they will try and trip you up most of all, that could lead them to accusations."

What wasn't seen by the others was the placement of Billi's fingers, her middle fingers on both hands now under the earlobes of their resident Vulcanoid. She slid them over slightly, pads touching the back of Taavis' earlobes as well as her neck. Stepping back, spinning on a heel, she gave a sheepish grin to the others and walked out, going directly back to the bridge.

Taavis stood there, allowing the touch, not really sure why her subordinate had decided to make such a show. Perhaps it was the Orion way of doing things. Looking at the away team she gave a shrug and a slight shaking of the head, telling them she wasn't exactly sure what had just happened, either.

Byrnes was having a hard time hiding his grin, keeping his face pointed down towards the palm PADD in hand, but looking around the chamber through his eyebrows.

Cassandra checked the list of Away Team members and looked up at the Admiral. "Just waiting on the Counselor, sir. Then we can transport," she said.

Taavis, recovering from Billi's unorthodox approach, stepped to her spot on the transporter pad.

Akane and Kirara both teleported out...both wondering what was coming up next.

Admiral Barks said, "Okay, everyone onto the pad." He awaited everyone to get into the transporter chamber.

Cassandra gave the transporter operator a nod and he positioned his fingers on the controls, waiting for the order.

"Good luck, Admiral," Cassandra said. "We'll be monitoring you and will be ready to beam you out of there at the first sign of trouble."

Chris said, "The ship is yours, Commander."

"I'll try not to scratch the paint, sir," Cassandra said with a smile.

Byrnes glanced around. "We're set, Admiral. Romulans know of our needs, we know of theirs."

Patton was on a transporter spot and looked around for moment. " Remember that old saying, ' The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' " He nodded at the Admiral.

Shack, getting in next to Taavis, could feel her tension. How he could do this, how he knew he could not say, but it was there. She was wound up tight as a spring but, looking at her, a person would never know it.

Patton looked at Kirara. " First time on an ' beam down?' " He asked.


Down on Romulus, at the coordinates for the beaming, Centurion Rekar waited for the signal from Starfleet. The Senator sat in a small au fresco cafe, looking like an average citizen. Rekar knew that she wanted to view these outsiders from a distance first, to get a better judgement on who was who. Plus, Taavis was among them, an interest for not only himself, but the Senator, as well. The spot selected was an open air market, a small fountain set in the center, making the Starfleet personnel feel that much more alone and outnumbered. Right now, this time of day, the market was full of shoppers and pedestrians. The psychological ramifications alone could unbalance the guests.

=====Eclipse Transporter Room=====

Nikki did a quick inventory check of her Field Trauma Kit while she waited for everyone to settle down and Chris to give the order to transport.

Admiral Barks said, "Commander Quinn, prepare to beam us down to the planet."

Cassandra nodded to the transporter operator, glanced one more time at everyone on the pad and said, "energize."

The transporter operator slid his controls downward, locked into their signatures and slid the controls back up. A second later the Away Team disappeared from the Eclipse. The transporter operator checked his readings and said, "transport complete."

"Keep a lock on them," Cassandra said. "I want to pull them out at the first sign of trouble." Not waiting for an answer she left the room and headed for the Bridge.


Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


Dr. Nicole Redex
USS Eclipse


CDR Robert Patton
Chief Diplomatic Officer/Second Officer
USS Eclipse


LCDR Sean Byrnes
Chief of Security
USS Eclipse


LtJG Taavis
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Eclipse


LtJG Kirara Amanogawa
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse


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