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Battle Bridge Meeting

Posted on Tue Mar 28th, 2017 @ 7:14pm by Lieutenant Talloc Suder & Chief Petty Officer Orika & Emergency Command Hologram

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Battle Bridge Deck 8
Timeline: MD 4 08:30


Since the beam down of the Admiral to the surface, Talloc felt that he needed to be extra ready for anything. He took his usual station on the battle bridge, which happened to be the command chair, he would on occasion go to the various stations on the bridge. It was a lonely job, but he managed to pass the time with the emergency command hologram as they would go over battle tactics.

Orkia for the first time being assigned to the Eclipse needed to go to the battle bridge. She needed to make sure that the main impulse engine would be able to be used if there was a huge power failure on the star drive section of the ship. She wondered how different it would be from the main bridge on the saucer section. She took the turbolift and walked into the bridge.

She saw two men on the bridge and was surprised.

Talloc stood up and said, "Welcome to the battle bridge, Chief. I am Lieutenant Sudor, is there something I can do for you?"

"No, thank you, sir." Orkia repiled. I'm here to just see something with the helm control panel if you don't mind, sir."

Talloc said, "Of course not."

Orkia walked over to the station and sat down. She punched in the various commands needed. Talloc walked over to the operations station and asked, "Chief, wouldn't the information you need be accessible from this station?"

Orkia said, "I am planning to go to that station, sir."

Talloc said, "I see." He got up and walked back to the command chair and sat there.

Orkia as she was getting the data said, "Lieutenant, this seems very lonely down here."

Talloc sighed and answered, "I can be very much so, Chief. I activate the Emergency Command Hologram to keep me company, which that in of itself is really sad."

Orkia nodded and said, "It sure is, sir."

Talloc then stated, "So, you can imagine my surprise when you walked in."

"I can now, sir." She responded.

She hated to leave, but said, "Thank you for your time, Lieutenant. I have what I need now."

Talloc said, "Very-well, Chief. It was nice to have a guest for a little while anyway."

Chief Orkia left and headed to the main shuttlebay. She felt a little sad for the Lieutenant, but there wasn't much she could do. She thought that she would try and spend more time with him.


Lieutenant Junior Grade Talloc Sudor
Battle Readiness Officer
USS Eclipse


Chief Orkia
Shuttlebay Manager
USS Eclipse


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