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Standing duty

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2017 @ 1:05pm by Lieutenant Billi

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: bridge
Timeline: current
Tags: Lon


Billi, after her meeting with Commander Quinn, which could have gone much better, made her way back to the standing SCI II station she had set up to observe data crucial to ship and crew. With Taavis not only on the surface, but also related to some below, she wanted to make sure to keep tabs on the away team by any means necessary. Yes, what she had done had been unorthodox, touching and playing at Taavis in front of others, but the desired effect had been successful. Quinn, not understanding, had assumed it was for relationship purposes, and if she thought that then the others had probably done the same. As an infiltration specialist Billi had used guile and deflection to offset what she was really doing.

Tapping keys and arranging data in regards to the veridian isotope and her own pheromone signature, Billi sent that to the main Science station. When it had been sent she placed her own station on standby and went to Lon's left side, leaning in and placing a hand on the edge of the console for support. Her right hand pointing out what she had sent. "Isolate that radioactive isotope, Commander Lon, if you will. Unless Taavis is taken into a scan shielded structure or area, you should be able to keep tabs on where she is." She glanced at the blond woman with the implants. "We can only hope they don't get separated for whatever reasons. Thank you, Ma'am."

With that said and done Billi went back to her own post, setting up for observation and reading data streams. Even if they did get separated, she thought to herself, there was absolutely nothing that could be done about it. If there was a fiery hell then Eclipse was the snowball dead in the center of it. Mistakes here could cause a war, a conflict, or complete diplomatic breakdown. Decades of effort would be swept away in moments were an incident to occur. Remaining as positive as possible Billi went back to work.



Ensign Billi
Infiltration Specialist
USS Eclipse


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