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Readiness Review

Posted on Mon May 8th, 2017 @ 5:34pm by Commander L'Mina & Chief Petty Officer Orika

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Shuttlebay
Timeline: MD 4 15:45

With the ship in orbit, helm had less to do, so L'Mina decided to check out the shuttles. If they had to go somewhere while the crew was still on the surface, they would need a shuttle to do it, so she wanted to make sure they were all ready to go. She entered the shuttlebay and started looking around.

Orkia saw the Commander and said, "Hello, Commander. How are you?"

"Just checking the shuttles, chief," L'Mina said to her shuttlebay chief, "I want to make sure they are good to go at a moment's notice."

Orkia got that and said, "They are in tip top shape, Ma'am. They are ready to go when needed.

"At what alert level are we with the shuttles," L'Mina asked next.

"Ready to fly equal to red alert, Commander."

"What modules are in the runabouts," L'Mina asked next.

"The module installed is a scientific module."

L'Mina thought about it.

"Switch three to extra sensor modules," she said, "we probably don't need science modules here, but we might have to triangulate cloaked ships. Modules with tachyon sensors if we have some. Put an extra shield module on the last one if we have it, just in case we have to get some people from the planet."

She made a mental note to check out what exactly they had in the way of modules and to get others if needed.

"Yes, Commander. I was also wondering if I would be able to get qualified to mann the conn during the night shift possibly." Chief Orkia asked

"I'm sure that can be arranged," L'Mina said, "But be warned, it will take some time and a lot of time in the simulator to get qualified."

Orkia said, "I understand, Commander, but I feel I would make a good bridge pilot."

"Make an application," L'Mina said, "I'll approve it and then we'll work out a schedule for the exercises."

She knew it would be her task to train the chief and while she was capable of doing so, she knew she wasn't always the best teacher. For her flying came naturally and she often had trouble getting the message across. Luckily the simulators helped quite a lot.

"Is there something that I can do to start getting ready for the training, Commander?" Orkia asked.

"Sure," L'Mina said, "there are some sims you can do on your own and some manuals to read. I'll send you the information when I do my paperwork, okay?"

"I would appreciate that, Commander. Do you know when we can expect more pilots coming on the ship at all?" Orkia asked

"I hope soon," L'Mina said, "Although with our captain being an admiral, I'm sure we will."

She smilied and said, "Admirals, do have more pull then Captains do, so I would imagine so as well. Any chance of getting more shuttle managers too, its difficult managing three on the Eclipse." Orkia asked

"You have a number of subordinates," L'Mina said, "you can train up some of them to manage the secondary bays. It would also be good for them to get some extra responsibilities. If they ever want to make chief, they have to show they can handle it. This can be a start."

Orkia smiled and said, "You are right of course, Commander. I will get the team on it, thank you for the suggestion. I am also going to talk to Commander Casano regarding getting engineering training."

"Please do," L'Mina said, "include me in that as well if you want. I'm not bad in shuttle maintenance, but there's always room for improvement."

Orkiea said, "I will, Ma'am. Also I get with Lieutenant Molk, he wants to do reviews of the enlisted staff."

"Sure, no problem," L'Mina said. That was why she had an assistant department head, to take those tasks of her hands.

"I have also had two enlisted running the other shuttle bays. I have Petty Officer John Write and Crewman Rolv. I'm hoping it will give them the training they need. I am waiting the results for Petty Officer Write's promotion to first class."

"I see the shuttlebays are in good hands," L'Mina said, "was there anything else?"

Orkia responded, "No Ma'am."

"Very well," L'Mina said, "let me know if there's anything and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible about the qualifications to fly the big ship."
With that L'Mina left the shuttlebay to get back to the bridge for what was probably another boring shift. At least she could do some of her paperwork while waiting.


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