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Meet and Greet Meeting

Posted on Tue May 16th, 2017 @ 4:57pm by Chief Petty Officer Tookl & Ensign Henro & Petty Officer 1st Class Mark King & Petty Officer 1st Class Jessica James & Commander Hafrap Graf & Ensign Leah Burns & Lieutenant Junior Grade Susan Miller & Ensign Hemla Cro & Petty Officer 3rd Class Charles Chapo & Emergency Medical Hologram

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 4 14:00


Hafrap had summoned the medical staff together for two reasons. One due to new medical officers and another to make sure all was in order prior to Doctor Redex returning.

Jessica stepped out of the turbolift on Deck 12. She had left her partner at the EFTS station on Deck 10 (since they were still on Yellow Alert and the station needed coverage until they were given the all clear). As she walked along the corridor towards Sickbay, she saw Mark coming from the opposite end of the corridor. Waving she called out, "hey you."

Mark smiled and hurried so that they came together at the doors at the same time. "Any idea what this meeting is about in the middle of an alert?" he asked.

"Not a clue," Jessica said. "Where are you stationed?"

"Deck 15A," Mark answered as they stepped through the doors. "How about you?"

"10 A," Jessica answered.

"Hey, guys....wait up," came a call from down the corridor and Henro jogged towards them.

Susan was in a research lab curious to why they were being summoned as well, but she finished up and left, she ran into the new medical officer Doctor Burns."

Nurse Miller said, "Hello, Doctor. I am Nurse Miller."

Leah said, "Hi. I just got on board from the starbase. I'm excited to be here."

Susan said, "It's a good ship. I am sure you will enjoy it a great deal. It will just take a bit of time to get used to her size."

Leah responded, "Ya, its taken me a while so far."

"Why do I have to be apart of this. I'm not really full time staff." the EMH said.

Doctor Graf said, "You are apart of the staff when needed and I want you in on this briefing with the staff." The EMH just huffed and let it go.

Doctor Graff was waiting for the medical staff to arrive.

The EFTSs, Jessica, Mark and Henro, walked into the small medical conference/training room together and took seats together at the far end of the table. Henro elbowed Mark and whispered, "new doc," and nodded towards Leah.

Mark looked over and quirked an eyebrow. "Damn," he whispered back. "The scenery has just improved."

Hearing the two men, Jessica scowled and shook her head. "You guys are incorrigible," she whispered. "She's a doctor. Not a piece of scenery."

"Why can't she be both?" Henro whispered.

Jessica realized she was fighting a losing battle so she stopped trying.

Leah was getting a little uneasy, but she knew that she had to prove herself to the staff. She looked over at Jessica with a grateful smile.

Chuck Chapo walked through the door in a surgical gown worn backwards. "Sorry," he said and took a seat next to the EFTSs.

Tookl was the last to arrive, looking half asleep and dressed in civvies. He had been on duty all night and had just gotten to sleep when the call came through for the meeting. He looked around the room and nodded at the other Catullan and plopped down in the vacant chair next to Chuck.

Jessica leaned over to Henro and whispered, "I heard about your call last week in the cargo bay. Sounds pretty narly."

Henro nodded. "Guy's leg was hanging by a thread," he whispered back. "The deck crew pulled him out from under the palate that fell on him. If they had waited one more minute we could have had the thing lifted off of him and he would have just a fracture. Lucky for him we have a great ortho and vascular team."

"They saved the leg?" Mark asked.

"Yes. Without having to 3D anything," Henro nodded.

Doctor Graf asked, "Are we all here?"

"Sort of," Tookl muttered.

"Yeah. What's this all about, Boss?" Mark asked, sitting forward and resting his arms on the table.

Hafrap said, "This is a briefing to see where we all stand and what is going on in the department, and to say hello to some newbies. I can say that the doctors are all up to date with training and retirements from Starfleet. Doctors Burns and Cro, please make them feel welcome. I am going to schedule a weapons training with Commander Byrnes once he gets back for everyone. Does anyone have any questions so far?"

"Weapons?" Jessica spoke up. "Geez....I haven't fired a phaser since the Academy."

Tookl shook his head. "Catullans don't believe in using weapons," he said. "We believe that there is always a peaceful way to resolve an issue."

"Until there isn't," Henro muttered under his breath. "I don't buy into the Catullan theory, myself. It makes us look like wimps."

"'s SOP to carry a sidearm on Away Missions," Mark chimed in. "So if you have to carry one you should know how to fire it so you don't blow your foot off or something. I try to hit the range every time we get into port."

Hafrap said, "Okay, team on will be all the enlisted and trauma teams with Doctor Burns as the senior medical officer there. Lieutenant Coffee will conduct the training. Any questions?"

"Yes," Jessica said, sitting forward. "Well...not so much a question as a suggestion. Last week, Henro and his partner had a bad call in the Cargo Bay....the one where the container palate fell on a deck hand?" she said, figuring the ACMO would be familiar with the report. "The victim's injuries might not have been so bad if the deck crew hadn't tried to pull him out from under the palate and waited for it to be lifted off of him. Maybe the non-medical crew should be given a refresher course in basic first aid. It would make our job a lot easier if something that might be minor wasn't turned into critical due to mishandling prior to us arriving."

Henro and Mark both nodded vigorously in agreement. "That was the worst case of mishandling we have had," Mark said. "Most of the time it is someone trying to treat a burn with ointment which makes it worse."

"I've even had a couple of dislocation victims where their so call knowledgeable buddies have tried to relocate the joint and caused nerve damage," Henro added.

"Okay, when Doctor Redex, gets back I'll ask her to talk to Commander Quinn regarding more first aid and emergency medical training for the non-medical crew and have either a nurse or doctor conduct the training. Will that suffice?" Hafrap asked.

The EFTSs looked at each other and nodded. "Thanks, Doc," Jessica said with a smile.

Doctor Graf asked, "What is the most common emergency injury you treat?"

"During non-alert times? Dislocations," Jessica spoke up.

"Burns," Henro added.

"And minor fractures from over zealous workouts," Mark chimed in.

Jessica nodded. "Yeah. The Marines are the worst. They get into testosterone fed contests with each other and no one comes away unscathed," she added, rolling her eyes.

"I've been seeing a bunch of eye injuries, lately," Tookl spoke up. Even though he wasn't "in the field" he still saw trauma in the ER. "By a bunch I mean 3 in the last week."

Hafrap said, "Okay, good information. Anything else happening at all we everyone needs to know about?"

The EFTSs looked at each other and shook their heads then Mark spoke up. "Oh wait...Baker traded shifts with me next Tuesday because it's he and his wife's anniversary so I'll be working a double. Just thought you should know," he said with a shrug.

Hafrap said, "Okay, everyone, besides the doctors are dismissed, get back to your emergency areas."

The EFTSs were the first out of the door. Tookl, Charles and Susan followed close behind them. That left Doctors Cro and Burns at the table.

Hafrap said, "Okay, Ladies, being the newest Medical officers, I'm going to show you sickbay and then I want you to go to each of the EFT's sites and get familiar with the people there and the procedure itself.

Hemla said, "Sounds good to me."

Leah said, "Ready, Doctor Graf.


Doctor (LCDR) Hafrap Graf
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Eclipse


LtJG Susan Miller, RN
Acting Head Nurse
USS Eclipse


Dr. Hemla Cro
Medical Officer
USS Eclipse


Dr. Leah Burns
Medical Officer
USS Eclipse


ENS Henro
USS Eclipse


CPO Tookl
Medical Corpsman
USS Eclipse


PO3 Charles Chapo
Medical Corpsman
USS Eclipse


PO1 Mark King
USS Eclipse


PO1 Jessica James
USS Eclipse




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