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Unwelcoming Welcome

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2017 @ 2:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D. & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms & Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Billi

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Romulus & USS Eclipse
Timeline: MD 4 - 1015


=====Eclipse Bridge=====

As the ship moved back through the atmosphere towards the planet, someone from behind the command chair said, "Commander...I'm reading several explosions in the city near the transport location."

Cassandra tensed, even more than she already was. Pursing her lips and furrowing her brow, she stood up and went over to stand behind the helm. Spreading her feet apart just enough to keep her balance she said, quietly, and with unbridled vehemence, "take us back to our original location, L'Mina." Lowering her head and turning it so she could glance over her shoulder, she glowered as she said, "Red Alert, Lori. Power up weapons and shields. If those freighters don't move, blow them out of the sky." She turned back to glower at the main screen. "L'Mina, get your shuttle back here. We won't be needing him," she said. Tapping her combadge she said, "transporter room...renew lock on Away Team and await my order to transport."

"Yes, sir," L'Mina purred as she quickly gave the orders to recall the runabout. The red alert would put the shuttle bays also on high alert. Then she moved the big ship forward towards a similar position. It would be just as far from the surface so transporting would be possible, but at an angle so they could get out as quickly as possible should such become a necessity.

The Red Alert light bars pulsated and the klaxon sounded throughout the ship.

Ensign Billi was monitoring her station as she remained standing at the SCI II console. Seeing a lateral sensor array currently not being used she absconded control and angled the energy toward Romulus. Billi quirked an eyebrow at the readings, glanced up and around the bridge, then went back to looking at the data stream. "Commander Quinn. Either the sensors need to be calibrated or Lieutenant Taavis is now two places at once."

Just then the two Romulan freighters came into view. They had not moved from their position.

"Must not have anything important to deliver or pick up," someone from the back of the Bridge muttered.

"Stay on course," Cassandra said, softly, to L'Mina. "Try adjusting your sensors Ensign," she said to Billi, without looking away from the screen. "I want that lock."

Lori was a bit nervous at the tactical station and asked, "Weapons are standing by, Commander, shall I target one?"

"Not yet," Cassandra said, resting her hands on her belt buckle in her usual stance.

As an infiltration specialist Billi knew that there was always one major reason why transporter locks and sensors could be deterred in certain circumstances. A dampening field. If the Romulans were as paranoid about outsiders as she had always perceived then it stood to reason that the Tal Shiar would put up such a field over the area where Starfleet would be, to keep the away team off-center and make them feel vulnerable. "Continuing scans, Commander. No luck, so far."

"All stop," Cassandra said, quietly, when the Eclipse was in position. The freighters were side by side but, even together, they looked small in comparison to the massive Eclipse. "You want to play chicken?" she said, so soft that she could only be heard by L'Mina and the navigator. "You picked the wrong ship to play with," she said, under her breath. "And the wrong Commander." To L'Mina she said, "bump us forward a little."

"Do you want me to bump them out of the way, sir," L'Mina said as she pushed the giant ship slightly forward, "their hulls are less strong than ours. We shouldn't have too many problems with it." It should be fun to play chicken with a large ship like the Eclipse.

"Let's just see what happens, first," Cassandra said, looking down at L'Mina and smirking. "Move forward a little more," she said.

"Oh yes, sir," L'Mina grinned. Only the flicking of her tail betrayed the fun she was having. Instead of slowly moving forward, she goosed thrusters to the max, making the ship move quite quickly for something that big.

"They've raised their secondary shields," Lori announced. "And are powering up their forward phaser banks."

Cassandra smirked and shook her head. "Really?" she said, quietly. "And that is supposed to do what? Intimidate me?" She was just about to order Lori to send a warning shot across their bows when the ships began to, slowly, back away.

"They powered down their weapons," Lori announced as the ships continue to back further away, then turned and retreated toward the planet.

As the other ships moved away, L'Mina slowed Eclipse down. It wouldn't do to actually ram them. "That was fun," she remarked to no-one in particular.

Not wanting to take the time to gloat over the small victory, Cassandra tapped her combadge.


Nikki held her tricorder out and tried scanning the backside of the building they had just escaped from, still looking for Taavis. As the roof of the building caved in and smoke and debris drifted from inside, one of the Romulan security team came over and pulled her back from the building. Wriggling to get out of his grasp, Nikki said, "let go of me."

Byrnes, seeing Redex getting covered in soot and dust as a wall collapsed, made his way over after seeing that the Admiral was still within their group and safe. Well, as safe as this circus would allow. So much for Romulan discipline, he thought.

Stepping up and waving the Romulan away Shack took the Doctor gently by the arm, leading her back to their group "Come on, Doc. When this crowd breaks we'll find her. Right now we need to stay together!" He had raised his voice over the din of the crowd.

Nikki resisted for a second then gave in and went with Shack.

"Are we all here, Commander?" Admiral Barks asked.

Not knowing who Barks was referring to, Shack decided to answer since Redex was on his hip. "All but Taavis, Sir." Several random, blurry images went through Shack's mind. None were his own memories, and they were quick to come and go. "I would go around that wall to look for her but your safety is paramount at this time." He shook his head slightly. "It's just..I don't know..odd."

Commander Patton looked at Shack then answered the Admiral. "It appears so, not much worse for wear, but here."

Nikki looked at Byrnes and said, "Shack....are you alright?"

Byrnes looked at Nikki. "Me, I'm fine, Doc. Just had some random Vulcan memories go through my head, images..feelings, that sorta thing."

=^=Quinn to Admiral Barks. We are in position and can beam the entire Away Team back to the Eclipse.=^=

"Keep the lock for now, Commander on me. Get Taavis up and scan for injured and get them up too. Commander Patton along with at least the counselor will stay."

Akane nodded in agreement to this.

"We are having an issue with the transport signatures, sir," Cassandra said. "We will straighten them out, then beam Taavis aboard."

A squad of heavily armed Romulans surrounded the Starfleet personnel, not to detain them but to protect them as they slowly began to move out the opposite exits from the crowd. Taris had heard the Eclipse call the Admiral and stepped in closer to the Starfleet flag officer, wanting to hear his response while she looked him in the eye.

Standing within a group of Romulan soldiers, *Taavis observed the Starfleet personnel from a distance. They had not seen her move to her left once she had exited the wall, to avoid the angry mob and to distance herself from the others who had absconded with the original Taavis. She found it curious that Dr. Redex seemed more concerned than others about her disappearance, and when Lt. Cmdr. Byrnes went and gathered the Doctor, getting her back among her own, *Taavis found that interesting. Seeing the Senator amidst all the commotion, trying to lead the Starfleet personnel away from ground zero, *Taavis was impressed with how well her Tal Shiar comrades had put all this together. "Excuse me," she raised her voice to be heard over the crowd, sliding between two soldiers and heading over to 'her' Starfleet comrades. "Apologies. The wave of bodies had me shoved aside. The soldiers kept me from being pummeled."

Surprised by the CIO's sudden appearance, Nikki grabbed her medscanner and rushed over. "Taavis. We thought we had lost you?" she said as she moved the medscanner over Taavis's body.

"I was lost for a few minutes, Doctor." Taavis allowed the scan, confident that her genetic splicing and reconstructive surgeries would offset the readings and make her appear to be who she was pretending to be. "It was fortuitous that those soldiers were there. If not for them I would have been dragged around the corner with the shifting of the mob."

Byrnes moved to slightly behind Taavis, his head on a swivel as he kept an eye out for danger. He observed Nikki scanning Taavis, but something didn't feel right--was out of place, and he could not put his finger on it.

Nikki looked at the readings on her scanners small screen and nodded and switched the instrument off. "Everything is where...or should I say...not where it's supposed to be which is normal for a Vulcan," she said with a smile.

Patton watched as the team went about its business, but for some reason he felt the hairs on the back of his neck working. 'Something' was wrong here..but what?

Kirara looked up at Patton and whispered. "Sir, Penny for your thoughts? Does it sound like a McCoy to you too?"

Patton looked back at Kirara. "I don't know, but just to be safe, keep your phaser ready."

"We're together and being given an armed escort to vacate this 'hood," stated Shack. "I say we get somewhere less upset, then discuss the particulars."

Kirara nods to both.... But she kept her hand carefully close to where her phaser was, ready to use it at a seconds notice.

Nikki didn't like the way things were going. Their presence on the planet was causing too much upheaval both on the planet and in orbit. Closing her medkit she shook her head and joined Akane with the Admiral.

Akane kept close to her Admiral - very protectively. She felt a primal nature to protect and keep herself close to him...though she did her best to make her face project a look a calm and peacefulness. How successful that would be...was anyone's guess.

Admiral Barks then asked, "Senator, would you be okay with us conducting the negotiations on the Eclipse? There won't be any protesters there."

Taris raised an eyebrow, thoughtfully.

Commander Patton looked around then back at the Admiral. " Sir, that may be the best course right now."

The Centurion frowned. "I do not advise it, Senator. We are capable of keeping all parties safe if we move inside the walls of the Senate Building," he said.

Taris looked at the Centurion then over to the Admiral. "I understand your reservations," the Senator said to the Centurion. "But there are those in the Senate that do not agree with these negotiations any more than the civilian protesters." Turning to Admiral Barks she said, "I will agree to your proposal under the stipulation that my Security detail accompany me."

"Agreed, Senator. Barks to Quinn transport us to the shuttle, tell the pilot to be ready to depart, once we beam over."

"We are within range, Admiral," came Cassandra's voice. "And already have a lock on every member of the team. Will you require any additional locks?"

"Lock on to the Romulan delegation as well, Commander. The negotiations will take place on the Eclipse, now. We need to get out of here quickly, Commander!" Admiral Barks said.

=====Eclipse Bridge=====

Cassandra hit the comlink on the arm of her chair with the palm of her hand and said, "transporter room 1. Immediate transport of Away Team and four delegates." Over her shoulder she said, "Lori...take a security team and meet our guests."
She stood up and said, "L' have the con." Lori had already sent the order to two of Security's highest ranking officers to meet her in the Transporter Room and was, herself, heading for the turbolift. Cassandra rushed to join her.

L'Mina called up Orexea to man the helm while she took the center seat. While she had done this before, that had been mostly during night shifts while they were flying from one location to the next. It was the first time she had the conn during a red alert while around, if not really an enemy, then not really a friendly planet either.

Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Robert Patton
2nd Officer/Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse


Dr. Nicole Redex
Chief Medical Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt. Cmdr. Sean Byrnes
Chief Security Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt. Cmdr L'Mina,
chief Helm Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt. (jg) Taavis
Acting Intel Chief
USS Eclipse


Ensign Billi
Infiltration Specialist
USS Eclipse


Junior Lieutenant Amanogawa Kirara
Assistant Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Dr Kitsune Akane
Chief Counsellor
USS Eclipse


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