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Flight meeting

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 2:13pm by Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Molk

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Main Bridge


Molk was in the turbolift to relieve Commander L'Mina from the conn position. He was a bit nervous, but made sure his uniform looked good and walked onto the bridge. He walked up to the conn position and saw the Commander.

Molk said, "Hello, Commander I am Lieutenant Molk your new assistant."

L'Mina had heard she would get a new assistant, but she hadn't recieved his file yet (or it was buried somewhere in the mountain of padds on her desk). She was a bit surprised to see a Ferengi in front of her, but she recovered quickly.

"Okay, let's go to my office," she said, signaling for a replacement to take over the conn. Nothing much was happening anyway.

Milkk followed the Commander into her office and while walking asked, "How does the Eclipse, handle, Commander?"

"Like trying to ride a Kanvel," L'Mina said. When she saw the look on his face she added.

"It's a big animal on Cait. A bit like a terran bison. it's heavy and slow. And so is the Eclipse, especially if you're used to much smaller and faster ships. So, what did you fly with before you came here?"

Molk smilied and answered, "An Akira and a Defiant class. This is my first Galaxy class. Have you just ever had the stardrive section only, Commander?"

"So you're also used to more maneuverable ships," L'Mina said, "and yes, we split during our last mission. And I made the captain almost throw up on the holodeck with some maneuvers with the saucer. Seperated both sections are much easier to fly with. Combined it's as if they put a warp drive on an asteroid."

Molk laughed and said, "I see, I'll have to run some simulations on the holodeck. Have the shuttles been tested, recently?"

"We test them regularly," L'Mina said, "which reminds me, that's one more simulation you will have to do. During our last mission we seperated the saucer and it was drawn into a rift. Lieutenant Zoss and some others rigged some runabouts to the hull to give them some warp capacity. After they came back, we added some hardpoints for shuttles on the saucer so we can do it again, but more quickly. I require all pilots to fly the saucer with attached runabouts in the sims so they know how that handles."

"That is an interesting approach, Commander." I will run that in the holodeck!"

"Perrrfect," L'Mina purred, "anything else?"

"He smiled and said, "No, Commander, thank you."

"If there is anything, just let me know," L'Mina said, "you can have the office next to mine and you can do beta shift on the bridge."

"Thank you, Commander I will. I look forward to working with you."


Lt. Cmdr. L'Mina
Chief Flight Control


Lieutenant Molk
Chief Assistant Flight Control Officer


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