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More Peaceful Surroundings

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 11:33am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D. & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms & Commander L'Mina & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Junior Grade Daniel Ryci & Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan & Lieutenant Billi & Lieutenant Junior Grade Elizabeth Rush

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: USS Eclipse - Conference Room
Timeline: MD 4 - 1325


The Transporter Operator locked on to the Away Team and waited for Security to arrive. As soon as Cassandra and Lori burst through the transporter room door, followed by two Security Officers who took up positions on either side of the door, the Transporter Operator energized and a few seconds later the Away Team and guests materialized on the pad.

Standing in front of the transporter control console with her hands clasped behind her back, Cassandra said, "welcome back, sir," to the Admiral and, "welcome aboard," to the Senator.

"Thank you, Commander, its good to be back. Make the conference room on the bridge available for the talks. Also have the engineers program the food replicators to serve Romulan food."

Taris gave a nod and took a step forward. "Jolan Tru, Commander."

Rekar stayed next to the senator but made no attempt at pleasantries.

Commander Patton looked at Commander Quinn. "Commander, would you ask to have them include some Jumbo Mollusk in with that? What I had down there was delicious. "

Cassandra rolled her eyes as she moved off to the side of the gathering and tapped her combadge to call the Admiral's Yeoman. "CDR Quinn to ENS Rush. The Admiral would like the Conference Room on Deck 3 made ready for our dignitaries from Romulus. Please contact the Chef and see if some Romulan refreshments can be brought to the conference room. And our Chief of Diplomatic Services is requesting Jumbo Mollusk," she said, rolling her eyes again.

"I'll see to it, Commander," the ensign's voice came back.

Kirara smirks. "Not my thing...but I know my wife's mouth would be drooling by now. But then she's always thinking about food...but I'm sure she'd love the gumbo!"

Cassandra stepped back over to the Admiral's side and said, "if everyone will follow me?" then stepped through the door, Lori and the two security officers bringing up the rear.

Taris stepped through the door quickly, coming in next to the obvious Executive Officer as the Human made her way down the corridor. "Commander Quinn. Here," she handed over a PADD, written in Rihannsu. "Ohp-apologies." Taris tapped a few keys and Fed. standard appeared. "These are comm codes to my personal warbird, the one I commanded before I donned the robes of politics. They will see to your culinary requests--safely. They are cloaked nearby." She leaned in closer, knowing her own species and their hearing. "Loyalty is its own reward."

"Thank you, Senator," Cassandra said with a genuine smile. "I appreciate that."

Byrnes felt much better, his CO now in familiar territory without a crowd of angry citizens looking to hang them all.

Kirara followed the entourage... trying to remember some of the more traditional Romulan dishes and requesting them, so she could try them out.

Quinn led the group to the conference room and was met at the door by ENS Rush.

"Food services said....," Rush began.

Cassandra held up her hand to interrupt the Yeoman and said, "I think this will help," and handed her the PADD the Senator had given her.

Rush thanked her, smiled and nodded at the dignitaries and hurried off to finish the task she had been given.

Cassandra stepped over to the door and peeked in. Seeing that the room was in order she stepped aside and gestured through the open door. "Refreshments are on their way," she said, pleasantly.

Commander Patton got close to Commander Quinn and whispered to her. "Sorry about the mix up with the request for the jumbo mollusk, but more treaties have been signed by happy & full participants."

"Not a problem, Commander," Quinn said with a polite nod.

Patton then got close to the Admiral. "Sir, it might be wise, while the Romulans are our guests to possibly double security in Engineering, Life Support, and Auxiliary Control?"

"Agreed, Commander, but I want them to feel welcome as well." Admiral Barks said

" Agreed, Admiral." Replied the Commander.

Quinn over heard Patton's comment to the Admiral and walked over to the Chief Diplomat and whispered, " about you let me do my job and you stick to yours? Everything has been taken care of as far as security. Right now you need to focus on making these negotiations successful and peaceful. I'll handle the other stuff." With that being said, she moved away and walked around the room as if strolling but she was eyeballing the Senator's entourage for any suspicious bulges in their garments that might be hidden weapons.

Patton watched Commander Quinn watching the Senator's entourage, and slightly smiled. He then got back to mulling over matters regarding the negotiations in his head.

Admiral Barks taped his combadge and asked, "Ensign Rush, the room is very nice, why not come down, Ensign?"

"On my way, sir," came the Yeoman's reply. When she showed up at the door it was behind a hover cart loaded down with both Human and Romulan hors d'oeuvres and desserts.

Admiral Barks turned to her and said, "Good job, in getting this room ready so quickly!"

Quinn walked up behind Byrnes and leaned in. "How's your new assistant working out, Shack-man?" she whispered, halfway teasing.

"Not too sure, Commander," responded Byrnes. "I've been a bit busy." He cracked a half-grin he didn't mean, his eyes warning her. "Good to be in a familiar neighborhood."

Commander Patton motioned to Lt. Amanogawa and whispered. " I'd like you to sit near me during these meetings. If you think of anything, please write it down and hand it to me, ok?"

Kirara lightly nodded. "Yes sir. Of course. I will keep you posted." She looked around, trying to take everything in so she didn't miss anything.

Patton then took a seat and began to go through some files, he glanced at Taris and slightly smiled and nodded an greeting.

Taris caught the look once she had spoken to the XO, and re-entered the diplomatic chambers. Approaching the table, she looked to Robert. "Commander Patton, if you would agree, I would like you on my left, the Admiral on my right. Three sentient, respective beings, meeting to help stabilize a region of space that is vital to all. What say you?" Taris lowered her chin, eyes locking onto this Starfleet diplomat, testing his craft and his tongue.

Patton looked at Taris, then at the Admiral. " If the Admiral has no objections, I have none. However, since we're hosting this venue here, perhaps the Admiral should sit in the Center Seat with you and I on either side? Admiral?"

"The point. Commander, is to show you came to MY space for negotiations," Stated Taris, under her breath, the cynacism not lost in her tone. "But, who am I to tell Starfleet how to fail when in diplomacy with Romulans." She made as if to walk away.

Patton deftly fell in beside her and whispered. " Madam Senator, when we get back on your planet's surface, you will of course take the center seat. But since we're on our ship at the moment, would it not be 'logical' for the Admiral to lead this discussion?" Patton looked at her with an ' ahh, come on ...' expression.

Taris had had no intention of leaving or cutting off negotiations, and this Commander Patton was doing his duty well. "I shall defer to the current hosts, Commander Patton." It seemed these negotiations were not being taken for granted as she suspected they might be by Starfleet.

Kirara gave a knowing glance to Patton...trying to get a see near enough to Patton that she could pass him notes if the need arised.

Patton quietly spoke to the Admiral. " It appears that everyone that's coming is here, sir. Should we get started? "

Admiral Barks stood up and said, "Delegates, I am glad that we are able to get away from the mob. I welcome you to the USS Eclipse. I think we can do with just the delegate party of Commander Patton, Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa and Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune, everyone else can go. I hope this bring in a new era for all involved.

Nikki had been the last to enter the room and she hung near the door not knowing why her presence, since they were no longer an Away Team, was needed. She looked at the faces of each of those seated around the table and stopped when she came to Taavis. She didn't know the woman very well. They had only had a few conversations in passing during their time together on the Eclipse but there was a blank look in the Lieutenant's eyes that she had never seen before. A dull look. Not like she was in a trance...more like she was empty. Granted....she was half Vulcan. But every time Nikki had seen Taavis before there had always been a sparkle in her eyes. A deep excitement for living. Today, it wasn't there and Nikki wondered why.

Taavis sat and observed, as she had been instructed to do. She needed to find a discrete way to leave and find her quarters.

Cassandra noticed the perplexed look on the Doctor's face and, casually, strolled over to stand beside her. "Anything wrong, Doc?" she whispered.

Not having any basis for her concern, Nikki simply shrugged and shook her head. "No. I don''t think so," she whispered back. "But I think I might stick around for a while. I'll just hang back here in the background."

Cassandra looked at Nikki and quirked an eyebrow. "OK," she whispered and moved around the room to stand behind the Admiral. She would return to the Bridge once the talks resumed and she was sure there wasn't going to be any security issues.

Taavis(B) stood and made her way toward the main entrance. No one seemed to notice, she observed. She stepped out into the corridor, away from the door so it would shut, then stopped. She had to get her bearings, and with all the data that had been jumbled into her brain it was taking a minute to recall the minute-by-minute holographic schematic she had walked through hundreds of times. This was far more difficult than she had anticipated.

Nikki saw Taavis leave the room. That was highly unlike her in the middle of such important negotiations. She moved towards the conference room rear door to go after Taavis.


Her eyes began to flutter open, the bright overhead lights causing her to wince before she closed her internal eyelid. Her mind was like walking through a thick fog, able to see some things clearly but others were obscured. Taavis(A) sat up with a groan, looking around what appeared to be a medical lab with no one in it at present. Her legs were in black pants, but these black pants were not Starfleet origin, nor were the boots she was wearing. The bottom of the tunic she pulled out was Romulan, her hands wandering over her body as her eyes took it all in. She was in full uniform as a Romulan centurion. Swinging her legs over the side of the medbed Taavis hopped down to her feet. Whatever medications they had used on her were still in her system, not purged completely, and as her feet hit the deck she toppled to the left, trying to catch herself on a standing tray of medical equipment. No such luck. The tray and all its contents clattered to the floor right along with her.


Byrnes, standing casual over to the side, suddenly had a bad case of vertigo. He fell to his left, tried to catch himself on the wall, and landed unceremoniously on his side. Shaking his head, getting to hands and knees, then a kneeling position, he looked up and gave a sheepish expression to all now staring at him.

The movement on the other side of the room caught Nikki's attention just before she had stepped into the doorway. She rushed over to Byrnes and pulled her bioscanner out of her FTK, still slung over her shoulder from when they were on the planet. "Shack!" she said, putting one hand on his shoulder while she quickly ran the bioscanner over his body. "What happened?" she asked.

"I have no idea, Doc." Byrnes shook his head slightly, clearing the last of the fuzz. "I was fine, then got hit by something I can only describe as a change in EM frequency, like some people get when detecting earthquakes back home."

Cassandra reacted at the same time as the Doctor and rushed over to the Security Chief's side, squatting down behind him in case he fell backwards. "Doctor?" she asked.

Nikki looked at her instrument then took her penlight out of her cargo pant's pocket and turned it on. "Shack....look at me," she said and checked his pupils. "How do you feel now?" she asked.

The vertigo and confusion ceased, as did his rambling, so Shack locked eyes with the Doctor, letting her see his focus was back. "I feel..odd. Or, did. It just passed, but I swear it felt like I was a puppet on strings." Still kneeling on a knee, he stood to show his balance was back, and he looked around and gave a sheepish grin to all present. "Apologies, folks. Didn't mean to startle you."

Cassandra put her hand on Byrnes shoulder and said, "are you sure you're OK to handle security in this room?"

"Yes, Commander," responded Shack.

Cassandra smiled and nodded. "Ok. Good. Then I'll head back up to the Bridge," she said, looking at the Admiral. Getting the nod of approval from him, she left the room.

Nikki wanted to check on Taavis so she made her exit.

Byrnes, nodding to two of his Security personnel to watch over the proceedings, walked out behind Nikki. "Doc," he said under his breath. "The last time I felt anything like this was years ago, when Taavis and I..uhh..had relations. I can't help but think it's connected somehow."


L'Mina was still on the bridge, keeping things running from there and wondering. They were still at red alert and she wondered if they could drop an alert level. Red alert was not something that could be held indefinitely. And with a senator on board, the chances of an attack would be less. Unless rival factions were waiting for this opportunity to attack and blame it on the Federation.

Daniel Ryci was at his station on the bridge looking over his department staff on his PADD and looking over the sensors on his Console and started a sensor sweep of the area and found something.

Lt JG Casran Dejan looked across the console on Tac/Sec on the Bridge, to the rear and left of the CO's chair, his long grey fingers playing across the touch sensitive board. The Cardassian was pleased that the ship was still on Red Alert... he knew there were cloaked ships somewhere out there. Whether they were friendly... or not"

Casran then checked through the incoming data/messages relayed from the Conference Room and forwarded the request for extra security personnel at Engineering, Life Support and the Auxiliary control to Main Security.

"Can we see if we can chase back the source of the transporter or any ongoing communications signals from our Romulan guests?" Casran asked. "If we can locate their warbird we can isolate it from any other possible threats in the vicinity"...

"If you can do it without sending out active scans," L'Mina said, "I'd rather not antagonize them by starting to scan all over the place. Inside the ship we can do what we want, but on the outside we best keep quiet for now."

"A trace on their outgoing communications wouldn't be overly obtrusive" Casran replied evenly as he checked through the sensor array. "I thought it would better to be safe than sorry... If any warbirds or other Romulan vessels de-cloak we would have some idea if they were friend or foe... Either that or we ask them, diplomatically of course, to de-cloak as sign of their peaceful intent"

The tall Caradassian looked over at L'Mina and wondered whether he was being paranoid or just overly careful...

"They can also communicate with warbirds which are hostile to us," L'Mina remarked, "but tracking their communications is a good idea. We might be able to pinpoint the cloaked warbirds that way."

"Ok... will do" Casran replied as he checked across the Tactical sensor array and brought up the various in-going and outgoing electronic communications chatter from the USS Eclipse. He isolated the numerous recent 'friendly' outgoing signals generated by the ship and crew and deleted these from his display.

One non-regulation signal remained emitted from the Conference Room, the band-width and resonance checked with standard Romulun encryption coded chatter on the database. It ran to a point in space some five thousand clicks away which he punched up on the tri-d Tactical Display.

"Have located a probable location of their warbird" Casran announced with a little pride. "I could try and detect their outgoing comms to other ships though that may be too intrusive" he added.

"If you can do it with passive scans, go ahead," L'Mina repeated. Standard Starfleet protocol in these situations was not to do active scans.

Billi looked up from her small station. "The comm signal you are detecting is probably a ruse, bounced off of several probes to confuse direction and actual coordinates. Romulans have had cloak technology for centuries, and not foolish enough to get caught by a mere communications signal. Just a thought." She went back to observing her console.

She was probably right, but there was little they could do at the moment, L'Mina thought. Besides, with the amount of Romulan cloaked ships that were most likely around, detecting one wouldn't change all that much.

Casran scowled from the deck though remained silent for a moment, being Cardassian (at times) he felt ill-at-ease on diplomatic missions.

"We could detect sub-space variances if they were travelling at or near warp speed" Casran explained, perhaps somewhat coldly. "Or we could scan for EM and tachyon emissions from cloaked vessels... Though, I thought we were supposed to be on a diplomatic mission and thus as L'Mina said, we cannot use such active active scans... I'm trying my best with the resources at hand".

Billi got up and came over next to him. "What about aft? If we are in orbit we are moving, which would then leave an exhaust trail from our own impulse drives. Any ship passing through them would disturb the gas. At least we would know if there were any close behind." She gave a grin. "Just trying to help, Lieutenant."


Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


CDR Robert George Patton
2nd Officer/Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Eclipse


Dr. Nikki Redex
USS Eclipse


Chief Helm
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Lieutenant JG Daniel Ryci
Chief Operations Officer


Lt. Cmdr "Shack" Byrnes
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Lieutenant (jg) Taavis
Intel Chief
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Ensign Billi
Infiltration specialist
USS Eclipse


LtJG Casran Dejan
USS Eclipse


LtCDR Akane Nokitsune
Chief Counselor
USS Eclipse


LtJG Kirara Amanogawa
USS Eclipse


ENS Elizabeth Rush
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USS Eclipse


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