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Posted on Mon Jun 12th, 2017 @ 3:35pm by Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan
Edited on on Mon Jun 12th, 2017 @ 3:40pm

Mission: Starbase 55


Lt JG Casran Dejan looked at his reflection in the screen, his broad shoulders and neck-ridges stretching the standard SF uniform while his dark grey eyes seemed distant below his heavy ridged brows. You've seen too much... he thought to himself...He wondered what challenges this new assignment would bring on the USS Eclipse.

Not one for over-indulgent self-inspection he tucked his Personnel PaDD under his arm and turned and swiped a hand over the door controls.

"Lt JG Casran Dejan reporting..."

Byrnes was leaning back in his office chair, tapping keys on a PADD in conjunction to a holographic screen floating before him. Raising a hand to move the screen aside, Shack stood and looked to the Cardassian officer, extending a hand. "...good to have you here, Lieutenant Casran. Lieutenant Commander Shack Byrnes, your supervisor." He let go of the hand and grinned. "First thing's first. Do you prefer Lieutenant Casran, or Lieutenant Dejan when referred to while on duty?"

"Lt Dejan will be fine" Casran replied and already felt slightly more relaxed than when he'd met the ship's XO that morning.

"Dejan it will be, then." Shack made a note in the duty officer section.

"How do you like to be addressed sir?" the Cardassian asked as he'd already heard a few scuttle-butt rumours about his section chief.

Byrnes grinned. "Well, those who know me well call me Shack. The others refer to me as Commander Byrnes. Some of the younger officers have started to call me Shack, keeping it respectful. My pips are apparent, they know my position, so I allow it within the department. In front of outsiders they use propriety."

Casran nodded in reply then sighed as he sat back, trying to relax a little.

"What do you see as the challenges in the weeks ahead... from a departmental viewpoint?" Casran asked.

Shack half sat on the front edge of his desk, leaning on it. "I see the day-to-day grind of assigning personnel. I see disasters in the making if our department has hot-heads in it who react before thinking. Beyond that I try not to foreshadow my life with negative thoughts and ideas."

"I was wondering... well, as you know, Cardassians in this particular uniform are , as my old commander used to say, as rare as rocking horse dung. Do you see any difficulties?"

"Not at all," replied Byrnes. "Worf was a Klingon, took more shit from his own people than anyone in Starfleet over wearing the uniform. Picard, Riker, that whole crew would back him anytime. That's where I am on it. Muck with my people, get a swift kick in the ass. I don't see Cardassian, I see a Security officer. If you stand tall in that uniform, respect what it means and honor what it stands for then I see no issues, Dejan."

Casran nodded though the suspicious thoughts in his mind niggled. Saying one-thing to be true did not, in his experience, make it so. He decided to play his cards as they'd been dealt (or some such saying these humans had when he'd been playing Poker).

"If I may speak bluntly sir.... I took enough 'shit' on my home world from my own people as well as some from various Bajoran's due to our races history.. both in and out of uniform. Though I will honour the uniform, sir, as I've damn well earned it!" Casran winced as he expected some come back me and my mouth he thought...

"I never said you didn't," replied Byrnes, his tone going harder as his eyes narrowed. "I was explaining how I deal with bigotry, not down-playing your contribution to Starfleet. Right there, though, shows me you have heart. That you will treat others fairly due to your own experiences, and that makes me glad to have you."

Casran nodded his back straightening. "I hope that my future duties on board the USS Eclipse will demonstrate that your present support was not unfounded, sir!"

Byrnes slapped the left upper arm of Casran, playfully. "Do what you think is right, Casran. As of this moment, you fit right in. Carry on, Lieutenant."

"Aye, aye!" Casran said with a thin smile.


Lt JG Casran Dejan
Security Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Sean "Shack" byrnes
Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Eclipse


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