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New Horizons

Posted on Tue Jun 6th, 2017 @ 3:50pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan & Captain Cassandra Quinn

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: During shore leave


Leather slapped his face as sweat dripped off his ridged brows, the punch stung his skin and brought his thoughts back to the present.

"Nein...nein" his large sparring partner muttered shaking his head and massive neck. "You must concentrate mein friend or an opponent will take your grey head off that thick neck!" the man said in his heavy Prussian accent. Max Schmelling, the one time heavyweight champion of the world, toweled his broad shoulders as he stepped back.

"Always your thoughts are elsewhere, ja" the German heavyweight sighed.

Casran's coms beeped and he shook his head...

"Stop program" he said and his sparring partner, the gym scene and the raised, roped boxing ring faded from view leaving behind the familiar dark grid-pattern walls of the holodeck... Though he thought he could still smell the sweat and oil of the ring.

=^=CDR Quinn to Lt. Dejan. Please report to my office.=^=

=^= "Will do XO asap" = ^= Casran commed back wiping sweat from his brow...

[A Little time later...]

Casran checked himself over brushing a half-imagined crease out of his uniform and sweeping back his still-wet dark hair. Ready as he'd ever be he swiped his hand over the door controls to the XO's Ready Room.

"Lt JG Casran Dajan reporting, XO" he announced himself.

Cassandra was sitting at her desk, her feet propped up on the top and leaning back in her chair as she reviewed the new ACoS's file. Hearing his voice she looked up and motioned him in. "Have a seat, Lieutenant," she said, motioning to one of the chairs in front of her desk.

"Thanks" the tall Cardassian said though he felt far from comfortable unlike the XO.

As he took a seat, Cassandra looked him over. It was strange to see a Cardassian in a Starfleet uniform. Must be how everyone felt the first time a Klingon joined Starfleet, she thought to herself. "So....DS7. How did you like the Incannu Expanse?" she asked.

"The Expanse..." Casran breathed deeply thinking through his reply and his experiences over the last couple of years based on DS7. "Well between the Ravagers and the Tzenkethi it was always going to be 'interesting'" he explained. "Our main problem was keeping the peace on the station... Not much helped by the Ferengi and their endless, and usually bogus, trade delegations in the Expanse causing various inter-species problems and exposing rivalries". Could have shot that devious Ferengi sh*t Garn a dozen times myself Casran thought clenching a fist.

The clenching of his fist didn't go unnoticed by Cassandra but she remained silent as she listened.

"Our main concern off-station was the Breen intervention on various pre-warp cultures in the Expanse... Little better than open slavery to be honest" the Cardassian explained (though he didn't want to get too detailed). "My CO, Commander O'Hearn, was always straining at the bit with what she saw as Breen meddling in our various efforts at diplomacy and First Contact and their open opposition to such Starfleet protocols"

"I've heard that is a rough assignment," Cassandra said, finally. She had known a couple of people who had been stationed at DS7 and they couldn't wait to get re-assigned.

"I would ask what you would consider to be our main security and tactical problems out here? I have had some personal contact with Romulans... Though, backed by the usual rumours and prejudices may have been biased and, overall, be counter-productive..."

"We don't have much contact with the Romulans," Cassandra said. "They stay on their side of the NZ and we stay on ours. Occasionally we get a rogue freighter trying to do business with independent planets but mostly we deal with the usual pirates and independents. Have you met with CDR Byrnes yet?" she asked.

"Not yet XO, I have a planned one-to-one later today with Cdr Byrnes by way of introduction" Casran replied. "Is there any other information you require?" he asked.

Cassandra quirked an eyebrow. "Are you in a hurry, Lieutenant?" she asked, taking her feet off of her desk and sitting forward. She folded her arms on her desk and looked, questioningly at Dejan.

"No hurry, Commander" the Cardassian said feeling uneasy. "It's just that my previous CO was, as you humans might say, all business and no bullsh*t... She wasn't one for small-talk as such so I never really got into the habit of discussing non-mission details with superior officers" he tried to explained [Or with anyone else much he thought]

"Oh I'm not a big small talker myself, Mr. Dejan," Cassandra said. "But I do like to get a feel for those whom I will be working closely with and since you are our new ACoS, we, most likely, will be working on the Bridge from time to time." She resumed her earlier position, minus the propping of her feet on the desk, and clasped her hands across her chest. "Tell me, Mr. Dejan....what do you plan to bring to the table in our security department?" she asked, watching him as she waited for his answer.

Casran nodded, thinking for a moment before replying.

"I bring strength of character and a belief in my own abilities" Casran said [feeling, strangely, like a candidate in an interview]. "Also my varied experiences in the Expanse and on DS7 should prove valuable in my new role aboard the Eclipse"

Cassandra sat forward again, her arms resting on the arms of her chair. "I'm sure that CDR Byrnes will be able to fill you in on what he expects of you," she said, looking directly into the Cardassian's eyes. "But I want you to know that I keep a close watch on our Security Department because it was my baby for a year so I have a special interest in making sure everything runs at 100% efficiency."

[Ah! Casran thought as the preverbial penny dropped...]

"Not a problem there." Casran reported with curt nod if his head. "I have nearly completed a review of Security protocols and the Department shifts and crew allocations with a few suggestions on areas of improvement for CDR Byrnes. If you are interested, once completed, I would be more than happy to forward a copy to you?"

"Good," Cassandra said with a nod. "Then I will let you get to it. Welcome to the Eclipse Lt. Dejan," she added standing up and extending her hand across her desk.

Casran shook her hand firmly with a curt nod. "No doubt it will, indeed, experience!" the Cardassian replied with a gentle smile.


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt JG Casran Dajan
Security Officer
USS Eclipse


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