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Change in the department

Posted on Mon Jun 12th, 2017 @ 3:18pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Holodeck 2
Timeline: (pre-mission)


The bat'leth caught the Borg under it's chin and, turning, Casran slammed the Klingon weapon into the chest of the Borg drone which fell away, arms flailing. The young Cardassian turned and moved further along the walkway between numerous empty Borg regeneration chambers, flickering light shimmered off the walls.

"Don't remember this training program being this freaking tough!" Casran muttered to the others...

Byrnes stood inside the training control room, rubbing his chin as he assessed Casran's melee and hand-to-hand skills. Borg were not always affected by energy weapons, but blades and physical attacks could and would kill them. The trick to it all, don't get assimilated while saving others.

In the simulation another Borg drone moved forward, it's crimson targetting sensor laser flashing across the walkway. Casran smashed the bat'leth across the Borg's chest though it encountered a shimmering close-quarters energy shield.

The Cardassian jumped back and drew his phaser side-arm shooting the drone at point-blank range (though most was absorbed by the shield) then, one handed, brought the bat'leth down on the drone's head...

The drone fell away with the bat'leth trapped in what was left of it's smashed skull dragging the heavy Klingon weapon out of Casran's hand...

"Pause program" the Cardassian muttered ...

Lori taped her combadge and said, "Lieutenant Dejan, respond, please!"

Since Coffee had opened her combadge, Shack angled his mouth that way. "Something wrong, Lieutenant Dejan?"

=^= "Dajan responding" =^= The Cardassian replied, looking back at the now frozen scene of carnage he'd left in his wake. "Should have kept hold of the Bat'eth" he muttered to himself as, he knew, without the versatile Klingon weapon that the training program was merciless... and, the Borg's own reknowned phrase, futile.

Byrnes tapped the comm in the room, so all could speak openly to each other. "Being who you are, Dejan, I'm sure you're no stranger to combat. Nothing ever goes as scripted. At this point it becomes improvise, overcome and adapt."

Admiral Barks was in his quarters and taped his combadge and said, Lieutenant Byrns, Lieutenants Coffee and Dejan report to the Admirals quarters!"

Lori taped her badge and said, "Acknowledged, Admiral!"

"Byrnes here, on my way, Sir." Looking to Dejan. "Stow the gear and meet us in the Admiral's quarters, Casran." He tapped the comm off and departed, making his way through the ship to Barks's quarters.

"Dejan on my way" Casran by coms reported and followed Byres...

[Admiral's Quarters]

Casran swiped the door controls to the Admiral's Quarters to announce his arrivale before stepping in.

Byrnes followed his officer inside.

Admiral Barks said, "Okay, Lieutenant, I want to make Lieutenant Dejan the assistant chief of the department and Lieutenant Coffee, the admin officer for the department. An objections?"

Shack grinned at both of them, then looked to the Admiral. "No, Sir. No objections."

Casran's eyeridges rose in astonishment though he held his breath for a moment to concentrate his thoughts before replying to this unexpcted promotion... or, at least, additional responsibilities. He wasn't sure about the seniority in the department.

"It would be an honour, sir" Casran eventually said and nodded to Byrnes. "As long as the Commander thinks I'm up to the job... I'm quite new onboard..."

Admiral Barks asked, "Are you on-board with this, Lieutenant?"

Shack looked at Barks, his face that of a man totally content, with a bit of mirth in the eyes. "Yes, Admiral. I've read their personnel records, I'm glad to have them."

"Good. We are going to Romulas on the next mission and I need to make sure everyone is safe and secure. Are you up to the task, Lieutenant Casran?"

"I have had dealings with Romulans while serving on DS7 and we also had some incursions by cloaked vessels... We surmised that they were black market surplus from the Cardassian conflict..."

"You have a familiarity then, good! You are to be at the tactical station and Lieutenant Byrnes with me on the planet.

"Though if your question really is 'Are you up to it?'" Casran said looking at them straight. "Well I believe I am!"

Shack gave a nod to all of acknowledgement. "No matter how 'up to it' we might feel, these are Romulans, people. I'll trust each of you with all my being, but Romulans are a unique difficulty." He looked at the Admiral. "No matter the circumstances, Admiral, we'll give our best at every turn."

Admiral Barks smiled and said, "I know, Lieutenant. I'm not worried.


Rear-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt. Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes
Chief Security Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Lori Coffee
Admin Officer
USS Eclipse


Lt. JG Casran Dejan
Asst. Chief Security Officer
USS Eclipse


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