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Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 1:43pm by Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: Romulus
Timeline: Diplomatic JP timeline


>excerpt from diplomatic JP<

Her eyes began to flutter open, the bright overhead lights causing her to wince before she closed her internal eyelid. Her mind was like walking through a thick fog, able to see some things clearly but others were obscured. Taavis(A) sat up with a groan, looking around what appeared to be a medical lab with no one in it at present. Her legs were in black pants, but these black pants were not Starfleet origin, nor were the boots she was wearing. The bottom of the tunic she pulled out was Romulan, her hands wandering over her body as her eyes took it all in. She was in full uniform as a Romulan centurion. Swinging her legs over the side of the medbed Taavis hopped down to her feet. Whatever medications they had used on her were still in her system, not purged completely, and as her feet hit the deck she toppled to the left, trying to catch herself on a standing tray of medical equipment. No such luck. The tray and all its contents clattered to the floor right along with her.

>end excerpt<

Several Romulan physicians came running into the infirmary from another room as Taavis was trying to pull herself to her feet. Gripping the edge of the bed, willing her wobbly legs to work, she accomplished that much--barely. A woman stepped in, raising her hand and using the equivalent of a feinberger to run close scans over Taavis. Not wanting any invasive scans, her anger now flaring as only a Vulcanoid's could, Taavis slapped the instrument from the hand holding it which sent her off-balance. Using her hands to catch herself prone on the floor, chin bouncing off the hard deck, Taavis rolled over quickly.

"We are not going to harm you, Centurion Taavis." Offered a male physician.

The anger having got her blood pumping, Taavis got to her feet. They were still a bit unsteady but her mind was clear. "Approach me again and your descendants will mourn your loss!" Spittle flew from her mouth with the vehemence behind the words.

"Centurion," said the woman who had tried to scan her, in a relaxing, friendly tone. "We were ordered to provide you time to heal and recover your memories. After such a long period as a deep cover agent in Starfleet it takes time to acclimate to your old surroundings."

What the hell is this, Taavis thought. Getting her wrath under control, breathing deeply a few times, she decided to play along for a few minutes to see where this was going. Rekar was behind this, of that there was no doubt. But why? "Apologies. The sudden change in environment, and this chamber, had me confused." She touched fingers to her brow. "I feel..strange."

"That is the serum stimulating brain function, to bring out your memories of who you really are." The woman gave a nod of appreciation and a grin. "I am Dr. Verix. You probably don't remember but I was the one who buried who you really are in the back of your mind. My research led to this Tal Shiar indoctrination process."

"I don't know whether to congratulate you, or throttle you," stated Taavis in response.

"Both, probably." Verix took a cautious step closer to her patient. "That is the subconscious and conscious competing for who has the right answers. Do you accept me, or attack me? That is the question I am most concerned with."

Taavis held up a hand to get her to stop talking. "Wait." The hand dropped. "My crew...the crew of Eclipse--I should say, will come looking for the Taavis they believe I am. They are quite adamant about recovering their own."

Verix smiled. "No worries, you are safely aboard the Eclipse. Your replacement is also going through these same symptoms. Everything we know about you is now in her mind, she is you, and our agent on Eclipse did his job well and provided holographic imagery of the internal structure. She will be fine. None of my patients who lived have ever failed, nor have they been caught."

"You said 'our agent'," Taavis replied. "You must be Tal Shiar?" She steered the conversation away from the Eclipse. In the short time she had been aboard she saw a tight group who cared for one another, who would die for each other if need be. Her doppleganger would be found out, but then that would leave how to escape Romulus alive.

"We all are," said Verix, the smile gone now. "Until Centurion Rekar returns and changes the orders, you will remain here." She tapped a spot on a wrist PADD, and seconds later two armed guards appeared and stood near the entrance.

"No need for guards, Doctor," stated Taavis. "I have no intention of leaving until instructed." She half-turned both right and left, looking around and spotting what she was seeking. "However, I am famished and dehydrated. I shall enjoy the amenities while we wait."

Verix nodded acknowledgement, knowing damn well that this woman was NOT a member of the Romulan Star Empire. Were the serums working or not? She could not tell. It was listed in Taavis's medical records that she had suffered synaptic damage in her past, and though mended there was still the chance that certain neurons were not acting as they should. "A fine idea. The guards will remain until we have ascertained your level of re-integration." That said Verix turned, motioned for her companions to follow, then made her way back into the lab.

Taavis, acting casual, moved to the replicator for a meal and beverage...



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