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Is She or Isn't She

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 2:46pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: USS Eclipse
Timeline: Current


Previously....Nikki wanted to check on Taavis so she made her exit.

Byrnes, nodding to two of his Security personnel to watch over the proceedings, walked out behind Nikki. "Doc," he said under his breath. "The last time I felt anything like this was years ago, when Taavis and I..uhh..had relations. I can't help but think it's connected somehow."

"Then let's go find her," Nikki said. As they turned and headed down the corridor she added, "I'm concerned about her. I don't know her as well as you do but she just doesn't seem to be acting like the Taavis I have come to know. For one....the Taavis I know wouldn't leave a meeting as important as that one," she waggled her thumb at the conference room behind them, "...without a word to the Admiral."

"Not unless she had something on her mind that needed to be seen to ASAP," explained Byrnes. "But, you're right. It is not in her nature to walk out on an important meeting...Whoa!" He stopped and put a hand out on the wall. "Damn! I just felt really, really angry, enough to rip someone's head off (in line with the Taavis AWAKE post, and her emotions).'s gone." Straightening up, Shack looked over. "I actually wanted to hit you, as if it was a doctor that had made me mad."

Nikki put her hand on Byrnes' shoulder when he grabbed the wall and looked at him with concern. "Computer....locate Lt. Taavis," she said and waited for a response.

=^=Lt. Taavis is in her quarters.=^=

"Let's go," Nikki said and headed for the nearest turbolift. Once inside the car she looked at Byrnes and asked, "did she mind meld with you?"

Byrnes looked over. "Yes, of course, but that was years ago. It's a part of Vulcan intimacy. But," he sighed. "All of it went dead again. However, I caught a glimpse of sterile walls, like a lab, not the comfort of quarters."

"From what I have been told, once you have mind melded with a Vulcan there will always be a trace of the link, whether or not the Human is aware of it," Nikki said and frowned. "If that's the case and the link has somehow become active....Taavis could be in trouble." As the door of the turbolift opened and the two stepped out into the corridor, Nikki add, "or you could be sensing a memory." She hastened her step and a couple of minutes later they walked up to Taavis's quarters. Nikki rang the chime and called out, "TAAVIS...IT"S DOC NIKKI," but there was no answer. She looked at Byrnes. "Use your security override on the door," she said.

Working quickly, right hand reaching up to input the code, the door slid open revealing Taavis.

Taavis stood with hands behind her back, casual, looking at them both. "Is there a reason for shouting and unlocking my door?"

"We were worried about you," Nikki said, looking around the room. "You left the conference room in the middle of the meeting. We thought maybe there was something wrong."

"Doctor, I am fine," responded Taavis. "I cannot deny that seeing certain members of the Senator's party unbalanced me. Therefore, I sought a quiet moment to regain my composure."

Byrnes couldn't tell if this was Taavis or not, no sign internally or externally, until she had said the part about being unbalanced. That was a secret he knew about Taavis--she was always unbalanced due to past medical conditions, and she had learned to cope with it and be able to function. "Doctor Redex, I will escort Taavis to sickbay. We need to run all the tests we can on her to determine she is in good health." As he said this he stared into Taavis's eyes. He didn't recognize them. The physical portions yes, but the spirit behind them was different, colder. "You can come along peacefully, Lieutenant Taavis, or I will call a team to make your trip unpleasant."

Taavis gave a nod, hands dropping to her sides. "I have no reason to resist, Commander Byrnes." She stepped out into the corridor and the door shut behind her.

Nikki wasn't trained in security but it seemed strange that Taavis seemed determined to keep them out of her quarters. "I don't think we need to go to Sickbay to check her out," she said to Byrnes. "The privacy of her quarters seems fine."

"Yes, they'll work fine," stated Shack, none too kindly, grabbing Taavis by the arm and spinning her around to face her door, then pushed her ahead. He tapped his combadge. "Byrnes to Security. I need a team sent to Lieutenant Taavis's quarters, to remain outside as sentries."

"Security here, Sir. Team is on their way."

"Byrnes out." The comm cut out as they entered the cabin.

Once they were back inside, Nikki removed the bio-scanner from the FTK she still had slung over her shoulder and gestured to the nearest chair. "Have a seat, Taavis. This will only take a second," she said.

Taavis sat down on the edge of the couch cushion, back ramrod straight, hands in lap.

Nikki moved the instrument over Taavis then looked at the results. Knitting her brows together she made a small adjustment to the instrument and repeated the procedure, focusing on Taavis's left shoulder. A few months ago Taavis had come into Sickbay with an injured shoulder...the result of a strenuous workout on the holodeck. She had torn a ligament. Nikki had repaired the damage but there should have been some residual scar tissue at the sight of the repair. According to the scan...there was no sign of a previous injury. Since Byrnes had been with Taavis at the time of the injury, Nikki showed him the readings on the instrument's screen. Before he could react the room was filled with a red pulsating glow and the klaxon wailed, causing Nikki to jump. "Damn," she exclaimed. Handing Byrnes the bio-scanner she said, "you got this?"

Shack gave her a curt nod, his eyes still resting on Taavis.

Nikki left the bio-scanner with Byrnes and rushed out of Taavis's quarters.

As soon as the Doctor had left Taavis(B) moved quicker than Byrnes would have suspected, using her hands on the couch cushion as she did a leg sweep. Going down hard on his left side Shack dropped everything in his hands as he scrambled to get back to his feet.

"You dare interfere in my mission?" This Taavis had hate and vehemence in her words, her eyes hard as diamonds as she stepped in and kick Byrnes in the ribs as he was in a a four point stance trying to get to his feet. The blow caused him to roll and tumble to the right, and slamming into a wall. Sucking in air he used the wall for support and got up quickly and went into a fighting stance. Taavis stepped forward, her hands neutral at her sides, an evil grin on her face. Shack stepped in, as well, with knees, hands, arms and feet trying to land blows, which were all deflected, until Taavis got on the inside and gave an elbow smash to the left cheek.

Shack had never been hit that hard and when the blow landed he saw a flash of light in his mind as he stumbled back. His brain was fuzzy and he willed himself to remain conscious, trying to get more adrenaline pumping. As she pursued he ducked under a blow, her fist leaving dimple marks from her knuckles in the bulkhead. But, his tactic had worked, his back was now to the exit door as he stepped in like a boxer and began to try and fight.

Taavis(B) had stopped grinning as she closed on her quarry. This Human had courage but he was no match for her strength, that was evident. As he began to swing blows she easily blocked them, seeing him woozy from the blow to his head. With a well placed open palm strike to his chest she effectively lifted him up off the carpet and sent him through the air to slam his back into the doors...and that was when she realized her mistake...and his victory.

When Byrnes slammed his back fully into the door and went to his feet unsteadily, it opened, causing him to fall back into the corridor. "A little help here, guys." He coughed out, blood dribbling from one corner of his mouth.

Both Security officers drew their weapons and stepped into the cabin, aiming at the Romulan woman who stood before them, as if she had not a care in the world. "Remain still! You are being detained for assaulting Starfleet personnel.!"

"May the Elements burn you all to cinders," stated the Romulan, then she chomped down on one of her molars. Inside her mouth the false tooth broke apart and a virulent poison was released, which she promptly swallowed. "D'era will consume you all." Clutching her midsection she crumpled to the floor, writhing for a few seconds, then went still.

"That could have gone better..ugh!" Byrnes used the doorjamb to get to his feet, one of his people helping him up, the other checking the body. "Anything," asked Shack.

"No, Sir. She is deceased."

Byrnes tapped his combadge. "Byrnes to sickbay. We have a dead body in Taavis's quarters, please send teams to verify. Out." The comm closed and he looked to his people. "Remain here until medical does their thing. No one but you and medical are to enter these quarters, and once the body is moved lock it down." He went and sat on a couch arm, clutching his left ribs where this person had kicked him, and his face was on fire. "I just started, and already I need a vacation."

His two officers gave a giggle, despite the serious circumstances.

EFTS James and her partner arrived and were let into Taavis's quarters. Jessica looked first at Byrnes then down at the body on the floor. "Do you need medical assistance, Sir?" she asked Byrnes as she knelt by Taavis's body.

"I think I could use an aspirin or two," said Byrnes, his tone cynical over being busted up, not at the medical personnel. He removed his blouse, easy-like while grunting in pain, and set it aside. "There ya go." He sat and waited to be treated.

As Jessica's partner treated Byrnes, Jessica scanned the body on the floor. "No pulse or respirations," she said, looking at the scanner. "No brain function. I'm pronouncing her. Time of death...," and she stated the time...recording it verbally into her medical recorder.

"Nothing's broken, Commander" Jessica's partner said to Byrnes. "But you're going to be sore for a few days," he added, putting his bio-scanner back in his FTK.

"Where do you want her body sent?" Jessica asked, looking at Byrnes.

Byrnes stood up and took up his blouse, putting it back on as he spoke. "Directly to the morgue, please. These two officers will accompany you and guard the body until the autopsy is complete. Be careful, she swallowed some kind of poison."

Nodding, Jessica pressed the comlink in her ear and said, "Team 3 to Med-base. We have a body and two security officers to beam directly to the morgue." A few seconds later the two security officers and Taavis's body disappeared from her quarters and Jessica stood up. "Team 3 available," she said, nodding to Byrnes then she and her partner left, leaving Byrnes alone in his friend's quarters.

Opening the security lock panel just inside the cabin, Byrnes took out the security lockdown device, then stepped into the hallway. "Computer, Lieutenant Taavis's quarters are now off limits to all crew, except Security. If another crew member wishes to gain access they must be escorted by Security Personnel. Enter orders into ship's log and time stamp." He placed the lock device over the center of the door, where it would split in two to open, then punched in his code as the computer acknowledged the orders. Once completed, and with an aching left side, Byrnes made his way towards Security.


Dr. Nicole Redex
USS Eclipse


LtJG Taavis
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Eclipse


LtCDR Sean Byrnes
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