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Back on the Bridge

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2017 @ 5:39am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kira Shiryankin & Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan & Lieutenant Billi & Lieutenant Commander Lori Coffee

Mission: Diplomatic Cruise
Location: USS Eclipse - Bridge
Timeline: Current


Cassandra stepped onto the bridge and was greeted by someone announcing, "XO on the Bridge," to which she nodded and mumbled, "carry on," then walked over to the center chair. Touching L'Mina on the shoulder she said, quietly, "go get some rest." Once L'Mina got up and headed for the turbolift, Cassandra sat down and said, "keep her holding at our present position, helm." She looked over her shoulder at Dejan. "Report, Lieutenant."

Casran smiled if somewhat thinly.

"We were... discussing the merits and methodology of passively scanning for possible cloaked vessels of hostile intent or otherwise" the Cardassian explained shrugging his broad shoulders.

"I believe I may have the general vicinity of one vessel by chasing back the signals from our guests though, of course, this could be relayed to a drone or some such... Other methods were considered to be too aggressive and, therefore, against regs"...

Billi, once Casran finished, piped up. "Lieutenant Dejan has been diligent in his duties, Commander. As Intel, I provided him with ideas regarding Romulans and their tactics, and he has been endeavoring to use them as best he can."

"There is in fact a warbird cloaked nearby," Cassandra said with a smirk. "And we have been in communications with it since beaming back on board. They are not a threat. They are there in case beaming the Senator and her entourage back to Romulus becomes a problem due to the trouble they are having on the planet." She glanced over her shoulder at the ACoS. "But good work in detecting them, Mr. Dejan," she said with a smile. "Go ahead and keep an eye on them. But remember....there might be other vessels out there who do not like having a Starfleet ship of our caliber just inside their atmosphere. Evidently there is quite a rebellion against these negotiations happening on the planet." Then she turned to her other side and said, "report Mr. Ryci. Are we at full capacity?"

Billi gave Dejan's side a little, playful elbow nudge before turning and going back to her own small station.

Dejan nodded to Billi whilst he turned back to Cassandra.

"Without sounding too skeptical, Commander, regarding the current diplomatic situation. I believe we should treat all ships as potentially hostile. It would only take one officer on board the warbird to fire a weapon at the Eclipse to turn the situation on it's head".

Lieutenant Coffee said, "Commander, I think we should do an active scan, I know Starfleet is against active scans here, I think we have to here, with all of the importance of the delegates on board."

Cassandra thought a minute then nodded. "Alright. But not covertly," she said. "Let them know we are keeping an eye on them and expand our sensors as far as we can. I want to know when anything passes in range. Even if it's just a piece of debris." She turned and looked at Casran. "Just remember, Mr. Dejan....paranoia and vigilance are two separate things. And Paranoia can work the same on both ends. So keep your fingers away from the weapons button and, hopefully, they will, too," she said with a smile and wink. She noticed the Acting CEO underneath one of the backup consoles and she grinned. "Everything under control, ENS Shiryankin?"

"So far, yes," came the reply from Engineering.

Billi looked to the front of the bridge. "Commander Quinn, I believe a hailing frequency to announce our intentions is needed. Every ship around us, and Romulus, would pick that up. Explain that you have a Romulan Senator aboard, and that her safety is a priority. Let them know we're doing this, whether they like it or not."

"Make it a repeating beacon and leave the whether they like it or not part out," Cassandra said.

"Yes, Ma'am. With pleasure." Billi began to type in the programmed text into the hail, careful to sound stern, but not too much. "Hail is now on a repeat, Commander Quinn."


CDR Cassandra Quinn
Executive Officer
USS Eclipse


Lieutenant Lori Coffee
Security and Tactical Admin Officer


ENS Billi
Infiltration Specialist
USS Eclipse


Lt JG Casran Dejan
Security/Tactical Officer
USS Eclipse


Ens. Kira Shiryankin
ACEO - USS Eclipse
Ronin Fleet


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