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The 'Money Shot'

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 12:27am by Captain Shannon Money
Edited on on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 12:28am

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: holodeck
Timeline: current

Crawling through tall grasses and shrubs, Captain Money cradled her rifle on her arms. She was completely soaked through, her boonie hat keeping the rain off her face and out of her eyes. The rain was coming down steady on this world with Shannon crawling along on her belly like a damn alligator in the swamp. She had been at it for over four hours now, the inexorable crawl to reach her firing position, one slow inch at a time. The grease-paint and mud on her skin kept it from shining, the boonie hat keeping her eyes hidden from view unless she raised the brim too high. When the neck muscles got strained she would stop for a few minutes and let her head fall down, face in the grass. Once the strain passed she would begin again.

Coming to a grassy knoll, a few shrubs for cover, Money began to settle in for the wait. Her boonie hat was removed and rolled up, jammed into a thigh pocket. Using the V between two trunks of a small sapling she looked through the scope after removing the caps, seeing the camp down by the river, with soldiers meandering around. The rain had ceased but the sky was still overcast. Her bladder was full so Shannon just let herself go, not worried about how that would sound or appear to others. She had a job to do and part of that requirement was discomfort when needed to finish her duty. The only good thing about it was that her pelvic area had been warmed for a few minutes, her body chilled due to the wet air and clothing. Not enough to make her teeth chatter since she wore Underarmor tops to keep her core temperature up when in situations like this. Her arms and legs would take care of themselves.

Scanning back and forth through the scope, Shannon noted the fuel dump, the portable generator, and the weapons cache. The mercs were a mix of species with some Humans, some Orions, and a few Bajorans. But, the one she was after had yet to show herself. Probably 'entertaining' a guest, someone with deep pockets and a fat appetite for illicit goods, not to mention a little taste for Orion poontang. Resting her cheek on the butt of her rifle she lazily looked through the scope, back and forth over and over as she waited patiently for the target to appear.

Another hour-long wait passed, with Shannon beginning to wonder if the target was still here. Then, a flash of green and embroidered cloth. There she was, the resident leader of this little band of mercs, dressed in her Orion finery, a bikini showing off all her 'assets'. The woman plopped her butt down on a stool near a fire pit, surrounded by her people, the sky darkening and lighting her up perfectly with firelight. She even leaned back against a crate, providing an open torso. Moving her retical to the center of the chest, then slightly left and down, Shannon had the heart in her sights. She eased the safety off for the slugthrower, dot still trained on her target, letting some time pass to make sure this woman was not going to move elsewhere, or go back inside a tent. With a few minutes passing and the target still there, Shannon decided it was time. Exhaling slowly to steady her aim, finger poised on the trigger and barely touching it, the retical was lined up once more over the heart. She squeezed the trigger, the rifle barely jumped, and the slightest hint of a whisper sounded as the 10mm caseless, explosive tipped, armor piercing round went into the target.

The Orion female jerked as she was hit, the explosive tip blowing out a fist sized hole in her torso and completely obliterating the heart. The mercs all jumped up, aiming wildly as they turned in circles and randomly fired their energy bolts into the surrounding treelines. Target acquired and terminated. Had this been an actual combat scenario it would have added to her confirmed kills count, and as always she called her killing shot the 'money shot'. "Computer, end program."

The holodeck became the gold and black grid-squares as Money got to her feet and slung her rifle over her back. She was clean and dry now that it was over, snagging the program chip from the panel as she walked out, heading back to her temporary quarters on the starbase.



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