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Meeting roommates

Posted on Thu Jul 6th, 2017 @ 2:16am by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: SB 55
Timeline: current


"Cadet" Lohki had arrived with the rest of the cadets on Starbase 55, being ushered here and there by 'superior' officers. Higher rank true, he thought, But superior, I don't think so. Entertaining himself with his own internal humor Lohki was moved along with everyone else, and since his MOS was Security Investigations, he was grouped with the 'officer country' cadets. They were set up in crewman quarters, four cadets to a room, with bunk beds and taking turns with facilities. Shrugging it off, not caring about discomfort, Lohki dropped his pack on a bottom bunk. The young people were all excited, as they should be, but he remained calm and collected. By linear time he was 53 years old, but with his genetics he looked to be in his twenties like the others. After despoting his bag on the bed he wandered the room, looking to where everything was at, then made the small circuit back to his bunk. Another cadet stepped into his face.

"Hey, Lance Corporal, I get this bunk. You get the top bunk."

"You are mistaken," said Lohki. "About the bunk and about confronting me."

"Really?" This punk stepped into Lohki's bubble, face to face. "What are you gonna do, hit me?"

Any violence towards other cadets was strictly forbidden, unless in self-defense, and could cost a young person an entire career. Lohki focused his eyes, boring into this maggot's soul. "Please, you need to back off." He was amazed by his own restraint. Had this been Dark Harbor, this piece of offal would already be dead.

"Why is that?" The punk asked.

This man was too stupid for his own good, thought Lohki. So, instead of hitting the turd before him Lohki chose to forearm smash the standing locker at the end of the bunks, a dent forming in the shape of his forearm. He stood up straight and looked to bitch-boy, pointing off-handedly at what he had just done while staring into this cadet's eyes. "That's why," he said.

Another cadet, from behind Lohki. "Holy crap! Those lockers are made from a duranium alloy! Are you even Human?"

Half turning, Lohki kept his target in his vision, but addressed the one who spoke. "No, I'm not. You people refer to me as an Augment. I prefer Terran."

A gal stepped in. "Augment? Like Khan?"

"Correct," said Lohki. "Unlike Khan I don't want to kill you all. Well, not all of you, just this one." He thumbed at the smartass, turning his head to look at the man. "We done, Cadet?"

"Yeah, we're done."

"Good," demanded Lohki. "Take your shit and move across the room to that rack over there. Darlin'," he smiled and motioned to the female. "You may have the top bunk here with me. NO ONE will harm you." His eyes went to the other two men, both swallowing hard, and he could hear their hearts beating faster in fear. Typical of the average Human, puff up and then crawl away in fear when confronted with difficulty. "Move away from me, now."

Both men went to their side of the quarters, whispering amongst themselves. Lohki chose to ignore everything they were saying, hearing them perfectly. But, better to play it off he couldn't hear them and keep tensions down.

"So," asked the gal. "You want me on the top bunk so you can look at my butt and legs while climbing, or because you're being nice?"

"Both." Lohki turned from her and started to set up his bed.

The woman stood there a minute, expecting more, but when she realized that was it, she too began to settle in until the Eclipse could get here. "I'm Kona Oka, fighter pilot. You?" She extended a hand.

Lohki, putting his stuff down turned to face her, taking her hand and bringing it up to kiss the knuckles lightly. "Lohki, Security Investigations the making."

"Ohhh," smiled the Asian Human. "You're gonna be the police, police. Got it."

"Starfleet Criminal Investigations Service, yes." Lohki liked her, not afraid to say what was on her mind, which he found refreshing. Too many chose to sugar coat everything, not saying what they mean or afraid to offend someone. To blazes with that. If someone is an idiot they should be called on it. "Once completed I am looking to gain Warrant Officer." He looked at her face, examining her structure. "Japanese...but something else."

"Good eye," smiled Kona. "Japanese Hawaiian, actually. Surfer girl, all that."

The two of them continued to chat while getting their places comfy until the ship could arrive.



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