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Posted on Thu Jul 13th, 2017 @ 2:33pm by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Vice Admiral Christian Barns & Captain Rol & Lieutenant Commander Miral Casano & Commander Voric Miller & Brigadier General Matt Jester & Colonel Kyle Green

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Admiral Barks' starbase office
Timeline: MD 2 09:00


Chris looked at his rank insignia again and couldn't believe that he was now a Vice-Admiral. There was only one more rank that he could achieve. He recalled the young Ensign at the shipyard and never felt how he would achieve more then the rank of Commander if that and here he was with Vice-Admiral pips now.

Chris had called several of the senior officers together in the meeting room connected to his office and now they were all awaiting for him. He walked in and saw and realized that he was the most senior officer in the room and he even outranked other Admiral's.

Chris started, "Okay, thank you all for coming to the meeting. I will get right to it. Colonel Green the USS Chesty Puller is now going to be apart of the armada of the starbase and the crew will be transferred to Nebula Class USS Freedom. Get familer with the ship as the Freedom will be joining the Eclipse on the next mission."

Colonel Green said, "Understood, Admiral."

Admiral Barks then asked, "General Jester, any issue with that at all?"

"No, Admiral, no issue here." Matt answered

"Good. Admiral Barns we are getting a Sovereign Class the USS Sovereign and it will be yours to command. Once it arrives you need to shakedown cruise to make sure that it was

Christian was very happy to hear that. He was very excited to hear that he would get that command. He was very excited to get the ship docked to inspect it.

Vice-Admiral Barks continued and said, "The next mission we are checking out a planet this is having an issue with local wildlife. The Eclipse will be loaded with Cadets. I am assigning Commander Miller to make sure they find their way to the Eclipse.

Lieutenant Commander Miller said, "I will make sure sir. I assume they will have orders in hand for the appropriate department and send them to your department head."

"The Eclipse is in the middle of the process of receiving the fighter wing for the ship. I need you to work with Lieutenant Billi on their handling. Any questions?" Admiral Barks asked.

No one asked anything and the group was dismissed.


Vice-Admiral Chris Barks
Commanding Officer
USS Eclipse


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