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Who's the Boss?

Posted on Tue Jul 11th, 2017 @ 6:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Scott Stark MD & Major Caitlin Donovan RN

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: USS Freedom - Sickbay
Timeline: 1530


Cate walked through the doors and looked around. The main suite of sickbay was quiet with only a couple of medical people milling around behind the nurses' station. No one looked up when the doors opened. Cate cleared her throat but no one seemed to notice. She stood in front of the doors and folded her arms as she cleared her throat a little louder. Finally one of the women looked her way and smiled as she broke away from the small group and headed out of the nurses' station.

"Hello....can I help you?" the nurse asked.

"Well....if I was bleeding to death....probably not now because I would have bled out by the time any of you noticed someone had entered the room," Cate said, disgustedly, her arms still folded. "Is everyone on a scheduled break?" she asked, unfolding her arms and pushing past the nurse.

"'s just that...," the nurse said as the woman in the marine uniform pushed passed her.

"There is no it's just that," Cate said as she marched up to the counter of the nurses' station and slapped the palm of her hand down on the counter top, the slap echoing through Sickbay. "The answer is no. And that means you people are just standing around scratching your balls when you could be doing something productive. Like paying attention to the doors and who comes in."

The group behind the counter traded questioning glances at each other.

"You!" Cate said, pointing to the only male among the group. "What are you?"

"Umm.....," he said, unsure what the...he looked at her collar...the Major was asking.

"Umm? I don't recal there being an Umm in Starfleet Medical," Cate said. Her voice was quiet but commanding.

"I'm a corspman," he answered. "Petty Officer Bradley, Ma'am."

"And you?" Cate pointed to the two women standing with him.

"I'm an RN," one said. "Lt. Faine."

"RN," the other said. "Lt. Joseph."

Cate looked at the nurse who had finally greeted her. "How about you?" she asked.

"ENS Long. RN. But I'm just on loan form the base while things get set up," Long said.

Scott walked in through the back door and stood quietly, watching the exchange with a smirk on his face.

Cate walked around the nurses' station over to the medicine room and looked through the open door. "Why is this door open?" she asked, pointing to the placard on the wall by the door that clearly read, Keep Door Closed and Locked.

"We were doing inventory," Lt. Joseph said.

Cate turned and looked at the nurse and quirked an eyebrow. "Seriously? That's the answer you're going with? Because what I saw was you four standing around at the front of the nurses' station which puts you all in violation since this room is to be secured at all times....even if you are inside of it. I want to see the inventory," she said.

"It's not finished yet," Lt. Faine said.

"It's not finished," Cate said, with a nod. She pursed her lips as she reached up and pressed the door control so that the door closed and locked. "I see."

"'am? The PADD is in the med room," Long said, a bit sheepishly.

Cate waggled her thumb in the direction of the now locked medicine room. "In there?" she asked, in a quietly inquisitive tone. "You are out here....," she pointed to the front of the nurses' station, "....doing inventory of the stock in the medicine room...this medicine room...," she said walking over to the door and peering through the window. "Yup....there it is," she said seeing the PADD on the counter underneath a medication cabinet.

Finally, Bradley got the courage up to step up and asked, "excuse me, Major. You know who we we get to know who you are?"

Cate's face changed to a look of total sternness. "Major Donovan. Your boss," she said, simply and folded her arms as the small group groaned quietly. "Bradley....inventory the supplies in the cubicles. Faine....finish the medication inventory. Joseph.....I want a full action report from 0700 until now. Long....," she walked over and put one arm around Long's shoulders then pointed to the Sickbay doors. Positioning her arm and pointed finger in front of Long as if it were a rifle she said, "watch the doors. If anyone comes through them you have 60 seconds to walk from here to there and greet them."

Each of the group answered with either yes ma;am or yes, Major and headed off to do what Cate had told them.

Cate looked around and saw Scott leaning, casually, against the wall at the back of Sickbay. It didn't take her long to surmise that he was the CMO by the look on his face. "Dr. Stark, I presume," she said, walking up to him. "I'm your new head nurse. Cate Donovan." She looked over at the labcoats hanging on hooks by the back door. "I doubt any of those are going to fit me," she said.

"Eh....I'm thinking about scrapping those anyway," Scott said, lightheartedly as he shook Cate's hand. "Too....I don't know...what's the Wouldn't match your Marine green," he said, placing his hand under her elbow and steering her towards his office. "I think we should go to white jumpsuits. With cargo pants. Like the engineering fatigues."

"Oh yeah. I can just see me in a jumpsuit," Cate said, shaking her head as they two disappeared into Scott's office and the door closed behind them.



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