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The Chief of the Boat has Arrived

Posted on Mon Jul 17th, 2017 @ 11:02pm by Master Chief Petty Officer Khatarr
Edited on on Wed Jul 19th, 2017 @ 1:20pm

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Main Airlock - USS Eclipse


Master Chief Petty Officer Khatar nodded to the guard who was protecting the airlock with his presence and his sidearm. "Permission to go aboard?". The Caitian who was of the Tiger breed inquired of the smaller human male before him, the human looked to be about 5'10 and weighed in at about a hundred and forty pounds where as Khatar was far larger and far more dangerous with his teeth and claws to boot. What didn't help was the two large swords that Khatar carried with him. He handed his PADD with this orders on it to the security guard before him.

His partner regarded the massive Caitian with a measure of trepidation, the smaller female regarded him. "Well. He looks clean." as she closed her tricorder, not realizing that what she said was technically an insult.

Khatar snapped his attention to the second officer before he growled gently at her, there was no mistaking his outright hatred or his hostility. "Do you mind?" he rumbled, she missed the insult but he didn't.

The growl and the demand had the intended effect as she seemed to almost want to run away before a second person came around the corner. "Hassling the help Master Chief?" the small human female inquired of the Caitian who was almost twice her size.

Second Lieutenant Tracy MacIntosh who preferred her nickname of 'Darmin, regarded the massive Caitian who was easily more than twice her size and three times her mass, he had arms the size of her legs. 'He could pick me up and bench press my body..' Tracy thought to herself. 'assuming he doesn't want to 'play' with me in the meantime.' she added before she pushed the thought away with a helpful shove.

"I took her comment as a personal insult." he indicated the younger female security guard nearby.

The guard regarded her for a moment as Darmin handed the large of the two guards, the male, in this case, the PADD with her orders on it in silence. Tracy herself was not a large woman as she stood in at five foot and seven inches tall and weighed in at only a hundred and twenty pounds, even as small as she was, she couldn't help but notice the guard giving her figure the once over before he shifted his attention back to the PADD in his hand.

Darmin stood as she waited, she had a large pack on her back with a case that she was carrying in her left hand. He nodded to the massive Caitian. "Go on board Master Chief." and with that, he handed the PADD back to Khatar in silence.

"Thank you," Khatar responded as he wanted to say a great many words but he opted to keep his mouth shut and simply carry on with his day, preferably before the next insult came his way. He glared at the younger female Ensign before he moved on, through the airlock and onto the Eclipse itself.

Khatar sighed softly as he looked left then right before he saluted the wall monitor where an emblem of the ship's emblem was presently being displayed. "Permission to come aboard?" she inquired of the second guard, this one was an Andorian Shen with breathtaking features.

"Of course Master Chief. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you," Khatar responded before he set off on his way to his next destination.



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