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Checking on the Diplomat

Posted on Sat Sep 23rd, 2017 @ 9:07am by Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D.

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Akane's Quarters

Akane Nokitsune was flooded with requests for counselling sessions - she certainly couldn't say she was bored...however there was a lot of pain to deal with and she only hoped she could prove herself up to the task!

At the moment she was waiting for Commander Patton to arrive...and after him, his junior, Amanogawa Kirara.

She waited for his arrival, brewing more tea.

Outside the Counselor's office, Commander Patton took in a deep breath and shook his head. Why he'd been told to attend this session, he didn't know. He did know it was for those that had been involved in the recent battle with the Romulans, but being in his quarters during most of the battle, he didn't know why he'd been summoned. But, he had, and here he was. He pressed the button on the door.

Akane called out. "Come in...." Seeing who it was, she stood up and saluted. "Welcome sir. I hope you are well today. Could I offer you something to drink?"

Returning her salute, Patton answered, " Doing good, Doctor. Hope you are as well. If you have tea or coffee, that would be appreciated."

She poured him some fresh chamomile tea and offered it to him. "Here...i Hope you like this type.." She then smiled. " have you been ...given the present circumstances? I can imagine that the Diplomatic team must be having a lot to consider, how are you and your Junior holding up?"

Patton took a deep sip of the tea and smiled. " Good tea. I'm doing ok, knowing why one is where they're supposed to be is half the battle; *though* truth be told sometimes I wish I was back at my cabin on Earth...with an pension.. . But, that's neither here nor there. Here I am and here I stay and work. In matters of work I am holding up, and my ' Junior,' as you call her is doing very well. I believe she'll make a Diplomatic Officer. Or what ever she wants to be. She's got the drive and ambition, and the knowledge."

She nods. "May I ask a question... What made you choose to take this particular charge? Surely with your great reputation in the service, you could have gone anywhere. So...why here?" She paused. "If you don't wish to answer, that's fine..."

Patton smiled slightly. " Obviously, you weren't 'briefed' regarding my assignment to this ship. Well, I'll give you the short version. I'd previously been Captain of a ship, and while out near the Romulan - Federation border, we were attacked by an renegade Romulan ship. Due to what has been going on now between the Romulan's & the Federation, I'm guessing these Romulans were against it. Well anyway, they attacked us and having used their cloaking device had been able to get close to us and give us a whollop that knocked out our shields. They were coming at us and I had the ship veer away and head out, with them following us for the kill. I told Helm to make sure the phasers were fully charged, whispered to him what we were about to try, and prepare to hit their engines. They came after us, and suddenly I said, ' Execute! ' and our ship performed an Immelmann Turn, where we went backwards, over their ship and wound up behind them. I shouted, 'Fire Phasers!' and we hit them right in their engines. Their ship exploded. I filed an report with Star Fleet, and received an call from some Admiral congratulating me and the crew. This Admiral was telling me ' privately, ' that when I returned, there would be an 'promotion' and desk job awaiting me to wait out my last two years. *Then,* the next day, *another Admiral* communicated with me, informing me that I had 'seriously hurt' ongoing talks between the Federation and the Romulans. Sooo, they, certain folks in the Federation, wanted me out in some far corner. They gave me a choice: I could stay with Star Fleet, but would have to take an demotion to Commander. If I was an 'good boy, and kept my nose clean,' in two years I could retire with rank of Captain and benefits of said rank. Or, if I raised an stank I was 'out,' with no pension. I took the cut in rank, and found myself saluting people that were in diapers when I was out in space, serving the Federation. As for the position I now find myself in, it was my ' 2nd ' while in Star Fleet Academy, and I'd kept up with it in my various posts. And, I must admit that I find it exciting. To be part of what might be a new start in Federation-Romulan relations makes me feel young again." Patton grinned. " That is except when my back aches." Patton sat back in his seat and smiled. " Another question?"

Akane was quiet as he spoke...listening to everything silently as she took in everything he said, especially how he said it. When he finally finished... she nodded.

"May I ask....what are your feelings about making these peaceful gestures towards the Romulans...especially given that both you and Amanogawa have lost something - or someone - be it directly or indirectly - due to attacks by the Romulans. Forgive the sensitive question - and you may choose not to answer. I won't hold it against you."

Patton sighed. " I want these to continue..I want to see a 'real' peace between the Federation and the Romulan Empire so that all of us, together, can venture out and explore what's out *there.* Now, I know that I'll most likely not see it, probably not Vice Admiral Barks or the Exec, but it's an beginning that possibly young Ensigns and those attending the Academy can look forward to. "

She nods. "I understand. And yes..true peace takes time... As the peaceful sage once said.. "True peace between people takes so long..because it takes us so long to find the peace within ourselves - and that is the first step." She paused before continuing. "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?"

Patton sat back in his chair and thought. " Not at this time, I'm just hoping that I will be able to contribute to this ship and its crew. "

She smiled, "Interesting...your Junior says the same thing so much of the time. In some ways, you two seem like father and daughter.." She grinned "Well..if that's're dismissed. I wish you luck!"

Patton froze before speaking. " know, she *does* bare an striking resemblance to...." His voice trailed off, and he headed towards the door. Before leaving, he turned around to speak. " Doctor, thank you for the time. Have a good day."

Akane smiled warmly and waved goodbye to him.



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