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Back to the Fleet...

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 4:28am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth
Edited on on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 4:35am

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: multiple
Timeline: current
Tags: Taavis


Ben gave a nod to the pilot then put on his green tinted glasses. He turned to the hatch and walked out on to SB 55. Officially, he didn't want to wait for the next supply run to get to the base so he hired a courier. Unofficially, The Powers that Be felt it was better for him to travel alone and limit his contact with others. The courier was one of the many under cover agents that Intel had in it's employ. He was wearing civilian clothing, nothing fancy just Jeans, a t-shirt, boots, and a black hoodie. He checked in with the security post then entered the base.

As usual, he walked casual, keeping himself nondescript. Had he still been his former human self, he probably would be nervous. Instead, he was eager to get to the ship. He looked forward to once again being out in the fleet. He kept his face even but a slight smile crossed his lips as he contemplated the future.

As he walked, an alluring smell made it's way to his nose through all the rest of the people and things around him. The smell caused his stomach to grumble.. it was lunch time. He followed the smell to a small eatery off the main promenade, down one of the side halls. He stopped at the entrance and turned, stepping inside.

Now the smell along with many others bombarded his senses. He let out a low growl of satisfaction as he found a table and took a seat. A young woman, probably 16 or 17 came up to his table." Did you need a menu, sir?"

Ben shook his head." No... I believe I know what I want."

She smiled at his deep, calm voice." Okay then, what will it be?"

Ben ordered two 14 ounce steaks, bread, a salad, and a large glass of milk." Blue-rare on the steaks please, and just oil and vinegar on the salad."

"Okay," She said with another smile." Shouldn't take too long."

While he waited, Ben watched people coming and going out in the hall. He didn't get out much over the last few years and it was nice to have more that sweat or disinfectant to smell. He could rein in his senses if he chose but right now, he was enjoying every minute of it. Once his meal arrived he ate methodically, savoring the taste. He wasn't sure what was going to available on the ship so one last "real" meal was nice. When finished, he stopped himself from licking the plates and sat back, casually finishing the milk.

When the waitress came back around, he produced his comm badge to be scanned for the credits to cover the meal. Once she left, he stood and left a few strips of latinum at a tip and left the business, rejoining the crowd. He wandered around for about and hour the sought out the military portion of the base.

He went to the gymnasium where he could shower and suit up. In his bag was three uniforms and the PADDs he needed for the ship. His uniforms were special made. Should need arise, he could' shift' and not worry about tearing the material. It would stretch just fine. Showered and uniformed, he put on his glasses, left the gym and headed for the ship.

Once on board and through base security, he checked with the computer and found his room. It was a standard NCO quarters; small desk, closet, and bed with a shared restroom/shower with the person next door. He sent his Direct superior a message that he had arrived then he set to making the space his own...


Tag: Taavis


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