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Open Eyrie

Posted on Sun Jul 30th, 2017 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Casran Dejan

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Starbase 55, Holodeck 6
Timeline: Present (during scans)


Clouds parted as the great bird flew on, wings outstretched to an extent much further than the greatest eagle. Far below the jagged tips of mist shrouded mountains could be seen sharp and clear in the chill air. Snow capped peaks and deep defiles, a chaotic landscape both beautiful and inspiring.

Casran clenched his thighs to the tough leather saddle, checking the sinch-belt affair buckled about his waist. The Tarn (as the great animal was called) ruffled it's long mottled feathers, the scimitar-like beak snapping. All too intelligent dark eyes looked over at it's rookie rider and he could feel the great bird's muscles tense. Casran pulled the main cord, one of several for directing flight, and the bird screeched in what sounded like pure pleasure. The haunting call echoing around the mountains.

Tensing the bird suddenly plummeted down in a swooping dive, wings cluthed inward and neck stretched taut. Wind and cold battered the Cardassian as he gripped hold, yelling in the sheer delight of it all...

[Minutes later...]

Casran smoothed his hair as he left the Holodeck, feeling exilerated and refreshed following the Holodeck program, however implausible he knew it to be in his subconscious. He'd spent a day in recovery aboard the USS Eclipse having felt somehwat doped up and 'over' rested. Though he was still under Doctor's orders.

"Time for a drink" the Cardassian mused to himself and headed out wondering where the best place to go was on this Starbase. He wished he'd studied the Deck Plan more before he'd left the ship. "Of well..." he said, humming a tune, and heading for the promenade.


OOC: welcome to JP with anyone on the 55.


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