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Full Disclosure

Posted on Fri Aug 11th, 2017 @ 1:02pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth & Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: conference Room
Timeline: MD 1 - 1015

Leaving the conference, Ben mulled over what was said. Considering the comment by the XO of not being a hero, Ben decide it was time for full disclosure. He did an about face and returned to the room. He stepped up to his superiors giving a light smile as they stopped." Sir, Ma'am. I know you have a full list of activities you need to see to but, if you would, I would like to speak with both of you for a moment."

Cassandra sighed, having to prepare the ship for departure. "Is this something that can wait until we leave port, Chief Lambeth?" she asked.

" It should only take a few moments, Commander." Ben said.

"Admiral?" Cassandra said, quirking her eyebrow, questioningly.

Chris could tell it was important and said, "Go ahead, Chief." He didn't want it to show, but he wanted to the Chief to be quick about it, but he could tell it was important to him to hear would he needed to say.

Ben gave a nod and turned, reentering the conference room. Once they had followed him in, he pulled out two hand PADDs giving one to each." I am sure you have seen the file that is presented. This is the full file. You and the CMO will be the only ones on board that will have what I am and how I became so."

"I see. I will review the information, but why was your file deemed classified, Chief?" Admiral Barks asked.

" I was...changed in another Galaxy." Ben replied." A wormhole was found and I was part of the crew for a ship sent through it. We made contact with natives on a class-M planet. It was peaceful with the people but on a hunt with them, we were attacked by an apex predator. I was the only one in the away team to survive." He paused for a moment, memories flowing though his mind." The natives would grow sick and die if infected with the poison, if they were not treated. However, their treatments combined with human genetics and the poison had an...adverse effect. I began to mutate. We were being monitored by the ship and I was quickly beamed up and they stopped the mutation." He paused again, looking directly at them." From that point it was many years of testing...and pain.. to find out what had happened. Beyond the obvious glowing eyes, I have the senses of an animal. Heightened sight and smell along with strength and speed. The draw back is I must consume more food by double. So far, in the testing, It appears that I can heal from a through and through phaser blast with in a week. Smaller injuries take less." He looked at then as he stepped back a few paces." And the main concern for my handlers was... this.."

Ben's eyes flashed brighter as he shifted. He became taller and bulkier. His fangs grew out as did the Black claws on his hands. " I have complete control over the beast now." He said, his voice more gravelly." But that is after years of mental conditioning."

Cassandra moved between Lambeth and the Admiral and her hand went, instinctively,to where her side arm would be were she still in security. "Damn I hope so," she said, her eyes narrowing. She had more reason now to not trust Lambeth than she did before.

Ben closed his eyes and shifted down, letting out a pained growl." Hurts every time." He looked at the commander." I smell you angst, Ma'am. But I assure you, only the enemy has to worry about me. I had already been in the service several years before my change." He gave a slight smile." I was a computer jockey with a thing for languages." He looked at his hands, the blood from the claws growing already stopped. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping his hands." I do not enjoy violence and do my upmost to avoid it." He looked at the commander again." But I will do what is needed to protect those I serve with."

Cassandra wasn't convinced but she remained silent.

"Good to hear, Chief. Do you require special medical attention for this condition?" Admiral Barks asked.

" No Sir." Ben replied." I see it as who I am now. Most medications do not work on me." He looked at the Commander." I know you do not trust me, Ma'am. I hope in the future that will not be so." He looked at both of them." I still need to see the CMO. Unless you have any other questions?" He said evenly.

Still standing between the Admiral and Lambeth, Cassandra said, "I think we have seen about enough," and looked over her shoulder at Barks.

Admiral Barks smiled and said, "Thank you for informing us of your classified record. Make sure that if you lose control that you seek medical attention right away. Understood?"

"Aye, Sir." Ben said. He inclined his head to both then was on his way.

Cassandra watched the man leave and let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. "Ok. That wasn't the least bit weird," she said, sarcastically. In anticipation of the Admiral's order she added, "I'll keep and eye on him, Sir."



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