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How Can We Help?

Posted on Tue Aug 22nd, 2017 @ 1:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Scott Stark MD & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Ensign Henro & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Commander L'Mina & Captain Shannon Money & Ensign Leah Burns
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Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Danube 1 & 2 - Oskurn Farming Colony
Timeline: MD2 - 2315


=^=Bridge to Dr. Redex...the leader of the colony, Brodin Drav, has been contacted and is awaiting your arrival.=^=

As soon as everybody was inside, L'Mina brought the runabout out of the bay, the other one following. At the back of the ship the fighters and another runabout would also be leaving.

Nikki tapped her combadge as the first Danube left the Eclipse and headed through the planet's atmosphere. "Thank you," she said and looked around at her team. The tension in the runabout could be cut with a knife. Knowing that a third shuttle followed with the marines and security team made her feel a little better but she hated not knowing what to expect. Protected or not. She reminded herself that this was just another mission dealing with the unknown. You chose this life, she thought. So grow a pair, Red.

"Where to, commander," L'Mina asked Nikki, "we're now in atmosphere, but where do you want us to put down?"

The atmosphere cleared and the ground grew closer. Henro moved so he could look out and over the terrain. Even though it was almost midnight their time, it was daylight on the planet so its landscape was clearly visible and looked like a patchwork quilt ribboned with irrigation canals and bordered by craggy mountains. "Beautiful," he muttered, more to himself than to anyone else.

Taavis, larger PADD in hand, was looking at a topographical map. Several locations had been highlighted by Starfleet Intelligence as areas where these Qirs seemed to be attacking. According to the data, they were beginning to encroach on this larger town. "Doctor, this town will do. The Qirs have attacked smaller labor areas, but have not yet reached this community."

Nikki was able to see buildings...homesteads centered in each square of plowed and planted plot. As they soared over the farmland she saw a cluster of larger buildings and pointed. "That looks like the center of the colony. Can we land anywhere near those buildings?" she asked.

"Of course we can," L'Mina said, turning the runabout towards the city center, pleased that the second one followed without a problem.

In the second Danube, Scott looked out at the landscape as the runabout's pilot followed the first one. "Reminds me of the midwest farms," he said. "Except for the mountains."

Standing in the center of the colony's courtyard, Brodin Drav watched as the Federation shuttles glided overhead and headed for an open area just beyond the courtyard then he made his way to greet them.

As they landed, Nikki looked at Taavis and said, "we're on," as the door of the Danube opened and the ramp lowered.

Taavis set the large PADD aside in the ship, looking to the exit as it opened.

Nikki led the group over to the man who walked up to greet them. She extended her hand, hoping the Earth greeting would be acceptable. "I'm Dr. Nicole Redex from the USS Eclipse," she said.

Drav shook the doctor's hand and said, "thank you so much for coming."

"This is our chief science officer, Lt. Taavis and her team," Nikki said, "and these are Doctors Burns, Olog and Stark and our team of medics and out ship's counselor, CDR Nokitsune."

Brodin Drav greeted each one with a grateful handshake. "I am Brodin Drav, governor of our colony," he said.

Taavis had stepped out as soon as the moment afforded itself, glad to be out of the confinement of the small ship. When the introductions were made she simply nodded at Drav as she pulled her tricorder out and immediately began her scans. She saw the marines and Security exiting the other vessel and setting up a protective perimeter with the few they had with them.

As soon as she had the runabout shut down, L'Mina left the shuttle as well. She sniffed the air. "Great smell here," she said, "much better than that sterile stuff on the ship."

"Agreed," replied Taavis. "The fresh air of a planet is always preferable."

"Not to mention the space," L'Mina said, "you can actually run here." She turned to Drav. "Say, is there something good to hunt out here, sir," she asked, "well, except those Qirs?"

"There is no wildlife left in this region," Drav replied. "The Qirs have destroyed all of it. We figure that's why they are now attacking us. They are running out of their food source."

Nikki asked, "are there any survivors of the attacks?"

Brodin Drav shook his head, sadly. "Not in the last one," he said. "But in the one before...Anlise Cahun's father pushed her out of the way when a Qir appeared. She was badly scalded but she survived. Her father did not."

"Scalded?" Scott asked.

Drav nodded. "Her arm. It was as if it melted when the spray from the Qirs' saliva splashed on it," he said, shaking his head. "Our healers only have the most basic of medical knowledge and were unable to stop the scalding. They had to remove Anlise's arm. She is only 9 of your Federation years. Her father was a good friend of mine."

"I'm sorry for your loss," Nikki said, sympathetically then asked, "may I speak to Anlise?"

Brodin Drav nodded and gestured. "The Cahun farm is this way," he said.

Taavis, walking along with the group, continued to glance at her tricorder. The readings were streaming just fine, but occasionally would fizzle and falter with interference. "The Topaline deposits in this region are mucking with scans. Could you have one of your people escort me to where this attack happened?"

Byrnes stayed with the group, his Security backing up the marines and keeping an eye out.

Money, spotting a water tower, made her way towards it. She tapped her combadge. "Money to Eclipse. Please, beam down 1st Platoon as soon as possible. Money out." With that done she double-timed it to the water tower, ascending the ladder to the platform around the tank. Getting her bearings, and laying prone to face the mountains. She hit the release button on her phaser rifle, the scope popping up out of the top. Once it was up she began to scan the area through the device.

The group followed Drav beyond the buildings that surrounded the courtyard and down a gravel road that traveled between two farms that looked to be a couple hundred acres a piece.

"Where did the most recent attack take place?" Nikki asked.

"The Xavis farm," Drav answered and pointed to the house in the center of the farm to their left. "At the northeastern corner. This one is the Cahun farm," he said, indicating the road that broke off and headed to a large dwelling to their right.

Taavis was watching where they were going, keeping her bearings. When Drav pointed to the Xavis estate Taavis looked to everyone. "I shall investigate the dwelling and north east corner." She turned her pace and began to walk away, moving toward possible evidence.

"Have the creatures attacked any of the other farms?" Scott spoke up.

"One," Drav replied. "On the south side of the colony. Several of the colony's livestock were killed."

"How long ago?" Scott asked.

"Four of your Federation months. Our calendar goes by moon phases," Drav explained.

Byrnes tapped an arm on another Security officer. "Washburn, you stick with the Doctor and her people." Pointing to another he chinned for them to follow. "You're with me." He stepped out of the group and followed Taavis with his partner, leaving Washburn with two guards for party security.



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