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The short Straw

Posted on Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 @ 12:46am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadee
Edited on on Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 @ 10:50am

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: battle Bridge
Timeline: current

The junior officers had a quick meeting and Sadee drew the short straw. She had Battle Bridge Duty. On larger ships, especially ones with separation capability, there was a secondary bridge in the interior of the ship. It usually had guards and a couple officers but during a mission, it needed to be staffed. And she was the OIC this round.

Not one for sitting idle, she had the personnel running checks and organizing reports. She sat in the center seat, coordinating the flow." Make sure to back up everything. If we have to go active, we'll have all we need."

After a round of 'aye' and 'yes ma'am' she stood, getting restless. She walked the small bridge, double checking each station. She was on her second round when an Ensign called her over." Ma'am...only half the systems are lighting up.."

Sadee sighed and walked over." Looks like a loose chip.." She pulled a multi-tool from her pocket and moved to the floor." Okay, sit still. I'll let you know when to try again.."

The young ensign was nervous, a pretty girl and superior officer was under his console. His mind went to not safe for work places for just a moment. Sadee could see the problem." Ensign, I need you to.." Suddenly, the was an arc of electricity from the panel..

The ensign snapped out of his daydream when he heard her voice. Assuming she had given the go ahead, he logged in. The 'ZAP' sound followed with smoke told him not to assume." OH shit! I'm sorry, Ma'am! Are you.."

"I'm fine." Sadee said in a level, emotionless tone. He hand hurt like hell but she needed to finish." Now, as I was saying, I need another chip...two, now.."

Sadee heard another voice say." I got you covered, Ma'am." The shortly." Outta the chair.. you've done enough."

Different boots filled her vision as a feminine hand gave her the chips. Sadee put them in place, then gave the word." Go for it.."

The panel lit up properly. Sadee grabbed the bad chips and her tool, crawling out. She tossed the bad chips in the disintegrator then looked at her hand. It was still smoldering. " Just great.." She said to herself as she went to a med kit on the wall.

" Are you going to get that looked at?" Asked the Female ensign.

" After the shift.." Sadee said." Protocol is we are locked in. It isn't life threatening so I'll wait." She said with a shrug, taking disinfectant and a roll bandage to her seat. It still hurt, but she had had worse. She wrapped the hand then went back to keeping info in order.



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