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Breaking in

Posted on Wed Aug 30th, 2017 @ 8:08am by Commander Hafrap Graf & Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Main Science Lab
Timeline: MD 2 13:51-backpost


Doctor Graf had been made acting Chief Science Officer for the Eclipse. He wasn't thrilled, but the department needed someone running it. He got to the lab and pulled the roster and saw a Lieutenant Antos was assigned to the department.

Commander Graf to Lieutenant Antos, "Please report to the main science lab."

Antos hit his comm-badge." Aye, Sir. What is misbehaving? Will you be needing my people or will I suffice?"

"Please come yourself, Lieutenant. I just need you." Doctor Graf said.

"Aye, Sir. Antos out." He looked to his group." Okay, just because I am away, doesn't mean you get to play.." He said with a smile." Fix what needs fixing and do it bloody well." He turned and headed for the lift.

He arrived in the science area and called out." Cmdr. Graf?" He said as he was trying to get the grease off his hands and uniform." Oi! why do they make engineers wear gold? Stuff always stains.." He mumbled mostly to himself.

"You are assigned as a Science officer. What are your expertise for the field?"

"My masters is in Astronomic theory." Antos said." But I do have a BS in biology." He grinned." Are we 'taking over' the science labs, Doctor?"

Hafrap smilied and said, "We are, Lieutenant, I'm curious then, why choose engineering as a field to pursue in Starfleet, why not a career in science?"

"Most of my schooling," Antos said." Is geared toward warp theory." He grinned." I just finish 20 years teaching engineering and that at the Academy. Seemed an appropriate career decision."

"Gotcha, well we need to utilize the lab. We don't have anything on the Qirs now, but when we get back you and I will be very busy men." Hafrap said

"I love a good challenge, Doctor." Antos said." I've only heard bits and pieces but it sounds like we'll need to have containment units ready. Perhaps enviro-suits and respirators as well." He tapped his chin." Maybe have a highly alkaline base on hand."

"Those sound like great ideas, I'll run those by Doctor Redex, when I speak to her next. Do you know of any projects going on now?"

"Sorry, Doctor." Antos said." I am listed as backup for the department. But I am sure we can check the computer." Antos could sense his agitation." Tell you what, my good man. I will see to it. You have enough on your plate."

Hafrap said, "I appreciate that, Lieutenant. I know that you need to get back to your primary duties I just wanted to speak with you and meet you."

" I am currently running the 'House Call' crew." Antos said with a shrug." I have chief in the group that can handle it. I will see if I can gather some operations personnel and get this place working."

"I would appreciate that, Lieutenant. Thank you." Hafrap replied.

"I shall get started right away." Antos said with a nod." You will have a report in your in box by the morrow."

Hafrap liked that and dismissed the Lieutenant.



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