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Posted on Mon Oct 9th, 2017 @ 7:15pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Sahr Th'kaviq & Petty Officer 2nd Class Nedrix Thorgh

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 3


Sahr enjoyed being in main engineering. She liked the hum of the warp core and the thought of making sure that the ship was in tip top shape. She was going over the warp engine alignment and saw that the center nacelle seemed to have a problem. She walked over to Petty Officer Nedrix Thorgh and he looked it over as well and the center nacelle could potentially drag the Eclipse down if the ship went to warp.

Nedrix said, "Ensign, this needs to be addressed soon or it could prevent the ship from going to warp if needed."

Ensign Th'kaviq said, "Let's go." She found the Assistant Chief of Engneering and said, "Sir, Petty Officer Thorgh and I need to speak with you."

Doolin pulled his head out of a power panel, tricorder in hand as he turned his face to her. "What about, lass?" He stood up straight, stretching the lumbar region.

"Sir, it seems that the center nacelle is dragging the ship down there is a build up that the baryon sweep didn't get and in order for us to correct the problem we believe the plasma needs to be vented to kill the bacteria Petty Officer Thorgh, found."

"Alright," stated Doolin. "They found it so tell 'em to gather a team and see to it. I will authorize access to certain areas for them to work."

Nedrix smilied and said, "Will do, sir. Thank you!" Shar was happy he got the job.

Shar said, "Thanks. Also I havent seen much of Lieutenant Shiryankin, is she okay?"

Doolin leaned in, his eyes soft and caring as he replied. "She's fine. These ladies," he patted a structural support, meaning the starship. "Require a lot of hands-on. I'm sure the Boss has just been busy elsewhere." He switched gears. "And, to align the warp nacelle, I would go up into the nacelle control room. Last I saw those chambers need maintenance anyway, so two birds with one stone."

Shar said, "It does, sir. Do you need an extra set of hands in nacelle control room?"

"Don't mind a'tall." Kevan grinned. "It's quite a climb up a Jeffries tube, or we can use the transporter. Your call."

Shar loved the challange of site to site transport, she walked over to the panel and punched some commands and then asked, "Ready, sir?"

Doolin stepped in next to her. "Aye."

Shar punched in some commands and they were in the nacelle control room for the ship ready to make changes as they needed.

Shar asked, "Where shall we start?"

Aligning himself as to which direction they were facing when they materialized, Kevan then stepped to the row of consoles for nacelle control. Standing at them one was facing the bow. Doolin pointed to a console at his right as he began to tap on one. "Take dat one, Lass. Dat's fer the up and down." As he spoke Kevan was looking at his own screen as he checked the schematics. They had been correct, the Nacelle was slightly out of alignment. But why?

Shar went over to another panel and it was aligned, but there seemed to be a build up of plasma that needed to be purged.

Shar said, "Ensign, according to this we need to vent the plasma from the nacelle! There is a build up!"

"Ya got the controls right beside ya," said Doolin, still looking at his screens. "Are ya familiar wi' the system?"

"I wouldn't be an engineering officer if I wasn't familiar, sir." Shar said.

Doolin looked over, his face honest. "Was not meant as an insult. I ask 'cause some engineers are more comfy wi' certain tings than others."

"I understand, I try to have at least general knowledge of the department, but the nacelles, I understand." Shar responded.

Doolin gave a nod and grin. "Good ta know. Alright, I'll begin maneuvering the alignment gears while you vent the plasma into the IRC tank for the Impulse. We'll get this betty back in shape or me ancestors will kick me arse."

Shar laughed and said, "Understood." She input some commands in and stood by for Ensign Doolin.

Checking his monitor, Doolin made sure to time the venting with the nacelle alignment. "Ahhh. I wondered why there was an odd vibration while we were at warp. This would be why. Once back in position all should be fine."

Shar was ready to vent and she turned to him and said, "Ready."

"Do your thing, Lass." Doolin watched the readouts so he could time everything together, with no hiccups.

Shar thought that he was giving her too much lattitude, but didnt complain. She began the process as ordered and watched carefully as the plasma vented.

As the vent stream began, with Sahr looking to that, Doolin began to tap and slide a finger on another readout, streamlining the flow. "There i'tis." He said, speaking to himself before glancing over at the Ensign. "Flow regulation aids in faster vent times." He continued to adjust flow and watch the alignment gears for when they would be ready.

Shar admired the Ensign he was confident something she wishes she had more of. She awaited for his command on this operation.

"Wit yer vent, alignment should go as expected." Doolin turned his head slightly her way, grinning. "I await your go-ahead, Lass."

"Excute" she said.

Tapping keys and sliding a finger around inside a circular area on the console, Doolin adjusted and manipulated the warp nacelle gears to get the dorsal in alignment where it needed to be. It took a good twenty minutes to align exactly right for optimum performance. Doolin stood up straight, stretching his lumbar region. "Ah, there we are. Fit as a fiddle."

"Great! Thank you, sir." Shar said.

"Tank ya fer the accolade," said Doolin, grinning. "But, we are both ensigns. I learned sometin today, you learned sometin today, so I'd say a good day overall."

"You hold a higher post then I do, but thank you." Shar said.

"My pleasure, Lass." Smiled Doolin, giving a playful wink. "I see you and I keepin this bucket O' bolts in top condition. Haff a good day." Packing up his tools in his vest, Doolin decided to take the long climb down the Jeffries tube instead of using the transporter.



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