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Attack on Medical Team

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 1:12pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD & Ensign Henro & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin & Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth & Commander L'Mina & Captain Shannon Money & Gunnery Sergeant Gail Franco & Private 1st Class Leon Crane & Private 1st Class Chuck Cooley & Lieutenant Brent Daniels & Ensign Leah Burns & Petty Officer 1st Class Ralph Morris

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Oskurn - between lab tent and medical tent
Timeline: MD3 - 0825


The Qir spun and used its tail, smacking Shack in the right ribs and sending him flying as it gimped off into the treeline. He landed in a tumble and came to his feet quickly, the right side of his blouse beginning to smolder so he unzipped and chucked the top away. Seeing an ax he pulled it from the stump, then took up a metallic trash can lid and ran back into the fray. The smell of acid eaten flesh was almost overpowering. His side ached but that was secondary to saving lives. Looking like Thor himself, muscles bulging in his Underarmor sleeveless under shirt, Sean Byrnes was going into battle without fear. Valhalla awaited, and some of these Qirs would be going with him.

"Oh my God....he's crazy!" Leah screamed.

"Shack, no!" Nikki cried out. She tapped her combadge and said, "Eclipse....this is Redex. We are under attack."

On the bridge of the Eclipse all that was heard was, "...Re.....are...." then static.

The Qir staggered and faded for a second but was unable to cloak itself. It screeched, as if calling for help.


"Captain....I just picked up part of a transmission to the Eclipse. It sounded like the medical team is under attack," one of Money's privates who was monitoring the shuttle comm reported.

"Paxton! Secure the line and set 'em up." Ordered Money. "You there," she motioned to a group of ten marines. "You're my fire squad, let's go. Double-time to camp!" They took off at a trot.

L'Mina had just taken a phaser and was ready to get going, when the Qirs clearly had come to them.
'Well, that's that,' she thought as she looked at them, staying back for now and letting the professionals handle things. Not that they had more success and she didn't really understand while they didn't crank up the setting on their phasers.

She looked and listened even more to try and figure out what they were doing. These creatures were hunters, as was she, so she might be able to figure out a pattern.

Byrnes chased down his wounded Qir, throwing the ax overhand at it's back. It tumbled as it flew and then struck the beast with the blade in the back of its skull. It was in its death throes when he yanked the blade free, smoldering but still usable for the moment. Out of nowhere another one appeared on his right side and crouched as it hissed. "Oh, you want summa this?!" Shack crouched in a combat stance, the two of them circling as the badly wounded one tried to crawl away.

The newcomer spat its goo at him, which shack blocked with his shield as it immediately began to sizzle. He threw it at the creature and it bounced off of its head, causing the creature to turn its head momentarily. He stepped in and shouldered it with his left side, then did an upswing to its jaw with the leftover ax head. The acid mucous on its skin burned his own flesh, a pain he reveled in as his upswing took the animals jaw apart. It squealed in pain as the blood spray went into the air, Byrnes doing a shoulder roll to get out from under the acid rain. His left shoulder smoldered, and the pain was getting to be too much.

Another Qir appeared out of cloak, jacking its head back to spit on Byrnes when it too screamed in pain. Doolin, having ran to a runabout, had replicated himself a lance not unlike that used by Native Americans, except it had a spear tip on one end and an ax head on the other. It was all a one piece weapon with grip tape for a handle, and all of the materials were acid resistant. Sometimes it pays to be an engineer. With said weapon he had cleaved into the side of the Qir's head, and like Byrnes avoided the spewing blood. Pulling it free he swung it to get the excess from the weapon so it wouldn't run down the object and affect his hands. "Time to go, Commander!" He got in behind Byrnes to watch his back. "Go, Sir! I'll cover ya!"

Shack, not arguing, took off at a jog toward the medical tents, with Doolin right on his heels.

Taavis had met a Qir while running towards Shack. It circled her and advanced a little bit at a time, pushing her to retreat as it got her away from the others--alone. Finally, she had nowhere to go, back against a wall, the beast coming in face to face. She stared at the creature and no amount of Vulcan discipline could quell her fear as it stepped in and...stopped. Its drool puddled on the ground as it studied her, its maw right in her face and at face level, the lips peeling back and showing the two sets of teeth. It traded its weight from foot to foot, a pose of curiosity and discovery, finally giving a hiss in her face. Its proboscis came forth.

"No!" Said Taavis forcefully. "I will not submit!"

The Qir spat on her with the proboscis, and she expected pain while she disintegrated from the acid, but nothing happened except the wetness of the saliva. Looking down at her chest she saw this mucous was different, not the yellowish acid but a clear, viscous fluid. It hissed again, right in her grill, and then doused her in it. It was the most disgusting feeling in the world, with Taavis now slaked in the stuff. The Qir, once she was covered, picked her up and tossed her over a shoulder, the spines on back secreting resin and trapping her to its back. with the viscous saliva coating her Taavis did not suffer the affects of their acid. It cloaked and ran off toward the nest.

The marines came in as a squad, firing from the hip, the energy bolts not doing much but distracting the beasts. "Fix bayonets!" Money shouted, to be heard over the battle. She drew her marine K-bar knife and slotted it into place, as did her squad. "Time to get real, Marines! Kill 'em all!" She went forward with her rifle spear in hand.

Franco took a knee and started to lay down cover fire as the Marines advanced toward the medical and science teams' tents. Crane was the last of the squad to pass Franco. Once he had cleared her, Franco stood to run but was grabbed by a tentacle that appeared out if the "heat wave" cloak behind her and a Qir appeared, covering the sniper with its mucus. She screamed but it was all over. The Qir's tubule was already in her.

Crane heard the scream and looked back. He fired at the Qir as he backed away, tripping over a fallen fence post.

The Qir dropped what was left of Franco and moved toward Crane. It only took a few tortured seconds for Crane to become the Qir's next meal.

Doolin, following Shack, saw Burns just standing there with a look of shock on her face. He angled himself her way and took her by the hand. "Come on, Lass! No time ta be lolli-gaggin!" He pulled her along.

So that's what those critters were doing, L'Mina thought as she kept out of the way, they have some sort of cloak like the Jem'Hadar. Well, she knew how to defeat that. Running back to a runabout, she fired it up as the marines arrived. Quickly she configured the sensors to look for cloaks, while she also activated the weapons and shields, as apparently the acid could eat through the ship, as one of the fighters had found out.

"I'm going to try and use some specific ways of finding them," she called over the comm to Shack, "if their cloak works a bit like the Jem'Hadar one, we can track it."

Leaning back against a cart, bent at the waist while wincing in pain from his left shoulder acid burns, Byrnes was glad he had remembered to put his comm badge on his undershirt. "Argh! Do what you gotta do, L'Mina. Argh!" He saw a familiar face running toward him. "Doolin, gimme that weapon and get your ass back on the forcefield, NOW!"

Kevan tossed his home made spear-ax to Shack. "Aye, Sir. Just keep the ruddy tings of me back while I work!"

"No promises," said Shack, catching the lance and standing tall, despite the pain. His adrenaline was beginning to kick up again.

L'Mina was alone in the shuttle, which made things a bit more tricky. But she was a very good pilot and quickly she found one of the Qirs. She fired the runabout's phasers at it. She saw it desintegrate. At least they could be hurt by phasers, but apparently only the big ones.

She followed after them, tracking Taavis' life signs. For some reason it was quite difficult to track them, even though she was the only humanoid in the vicinity. L'Mina put the shuttle on hover well above them, dropped the shields and managed to lock onto Taavis' life signs in order to beam her back onboard.

Ben was cursing himself for the nap he had taken. He would have been here sooner. But, better late than never. He brought up his scythe to bare as he shifted and with a roar of anger, he charged the battle.

Expecting a rough ride over the back of the Qir, Taavis was quite surprised at how fluid their movements were; no wasted energy. She saw the runabout overhead and then felt the familiar tug of a transporter, so she tapped her badge. "Shuttlecraft, do not bring me aboard. I wish to see where this mounted excursion will lead."

L'Mina wasn't sure that was a good idea, but she complied and cut off the transporter cycle.
"I'll try to follow you," she said, putting the shuttle higher but where she could still track her commbadge and life signs.

Taavis could see another Qir following behind the one she was on, but everything around her seemed to be blurred...surreal. Even the movement was muffled. Wait, she knew what was happening. She was inside their personal cloaking ability, and being stuck to the animal it seemed to have transferred to her. She answered the runabout. "That would be much appreciated, L'Mina. I have the feeling that once I am free of this creature I will need an immediate extraction."

Ben was letting out all his rage for the first time. In the back of his mind, he noted he felt hairier than before. Little time was wasted on these thoughts as he joined the fray. Using his speed and strength, he swung his weapon here and there. The creatures were faster than they appeared but he did manage to take out the leg of one of them. It's blood splattered on his shoulder, instantly burning through. He ripped of his uniform top and tossed it aside. Looking at his wound, he discovered he was indeed covered in more hair. The pain was there but at the back of his mind when he heard Taavis' voice not to far from him. Looking over, he saw her on the back of one of the Qirs. He let out a roar similar to a bear's as he regained his weapon and headed that way.

Doolin, keeping his eyes and ears wary of his surroundings, was fiddling with the final forcefield generator. "Here goes nothin'!" He shouted this over the clamor of battle. He tapped the power key and there was an immediate hum, one Qir caught halfway between their side and the camp's, was cut in half right down the middle. "Forcefields up! Stay inside the perimeter or you'll be locked out until we can drop the bloody thing!"

Just as suddenly as they had appeared, the attacking Qirs vanished, leaving behind the depleted and smoldering bodies of their kills and the sickening odor of chemical burned flesh.

"We need to get out there," Henro said to no one in particular.

Nikki placed a sympathetic hand on the medic's shoulder. "There's nothing we can do for them now," she said, quietly.

Byrnes stepped into the center of what had just been the battle field. "Everyone! Get with your people and do a roll call! We need to know who we're missing. Get on it!" He then stepped over to Redex. "Doc, you got time to see to my left shoulder? If not, I'll deal with it."

"Come on," Nikki said and lead Shack over to a cot. "At least I can fix this," she said with sadness as she began to treat his wounds.



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