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...warranted a little investigation...(part 3/3)

Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2017 @ 3:35pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: dirtside
Timeline: current/somewhere in-between

Ben sat down at the kitchen table, his uniform back on. He set the tricorder on the table in front of him, setting it to record..

" Mission log, star date supplemental. I am making this recording so that should I not survive, the information I have gathered will hopefully make it to the Eclipse." Ben paused for a moment and collected his thoughts." I came to a farm 80 kilometers from the main settlement with a man named Kurt Miller. I have put his information in this unit so his next of kin can be alerted."

Ben held up the man's ID card then continued." I will skip the full details, giving the information that is important. I tracked the group of creatures that had attacked his farm. I found that they appear to have constructed tunnels in order to move about unseen. This particular group reacts like a pack of wolves, including hunting for sport. They would come out the tunnel then wreak havoc between there and the mines. Once I realized this, I returned to the farm as quickly as I could. I thought that they had returned while I was gone as the truck we arrived in and my equipment bag were demolished. This tricorder was thankfully deep enough in the pack that it survived. Upon investigation, I discovered Kurt wasn't being truthful about what had happened here."

Ben took a drink of water then once more continued." He claimed that the town was not willing to help him. I believe this was a cover for the fact that he didn't want them to know he had captured one of the beasts. It appears that he had modified one of his meat freezing units and somehow manage to catch one of the smaller ones." Ben's eyebrows dropped." While I was gone, I believe he was attempting to cover his tracks. Unfortunately for him, it appears the creatures cannot be frozen to death. Once he cut the power, the beast defrosted and took it's revenge."

Ben held up a melted phaser pistol. "The weapon I left with him. There were blast marks in the chamber so I believe that this weapon is useless against the creatures. He was left impaled on a fence post. I am able to track this one but I feel it is better that I try to rejoin the away team. My Comm does not appear to work out here so my only choice will be to return on foot. I am only armed with my own abilities and a scythe I found in one of the out buildings."

He leaned closer in." These creatures are intelligent to a rather high level. That makes them more dangerous than most planet bound predators in the Galaxy. I believe my chances are good but if not, good luck to all. Perhaps we shall meet on the other side. CPO Ben Lambeth, out."

Ben closed the tricorder and put it in a shoulder bag he found along with some dried meat and nuts he found in the farmer's home. He stepped outside and took up his scythe, setting a brisk pace, he headed for the main settlement.


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