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A Meeting

Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 3:22pm by Lieutenant Billi & Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 2 13:47


Chris was on the bridge. He was walking around the bridge to keep from falling asleep. While he sat in the command chair gave an exhilration not being in it and on the bridge made him sleepy. He was useless and wanted a distraction of some kind for himself.

Billi stepped onto the bridge and made her way directly to tactical, handing over a PADD with all her tactical data on the Qirs, right down to Cadet Oka's use of sensors to detect moving air molecules when the beasts were cloaked. The official duties done, and able to take a relaxing breath, she noticed Chris looking somewhat bored. Well, not bored, she would say. More like--too idle. She went to the lower bridge and around to his chair, then knelt beside it to his left. "So, any space debris we may need to attack?"

Chris laughed and said, "No, Lieutenant, no immediate danger. Lieutenant Sudor you have the bridge." He then led her into the ready room.

Billi followed along, keeping it casual with not too much swagger. Once inside and the door shut, Chris spinning to face her, Billi locked him in an embrace and kissed him. A deep kiss, with passion, one hand running through the hair on the back of his head. She broke the kiss and gave a grin while biting her lower lip. "Apologies, Sir. I needed that." She smiled.

"No apologies needed here, lover. I have missed your curves and scent. I need you!" Chris said he was extremely pent up and needed a release.

Billi unbuckled her equipment belt and hung it on the back of a guest chair while speaking. "You need me, I want you." She unzipped her blouse and began to undress. "You might wanna lock the door, Sweets. And, that couch looks really comfortable." She sauntered off to his bathroom while clothing items were removed and dropped. Grabbing a towel she brought it back. "You don't need stains on the furniture."

Chris ordered the computer to lock the door and for no interupts and he took off his top and he awaited for Billi to take off his bottoms, but she was already naked and looked beautiful.

Billi went back and got another towel, giggling. "Desk or couch, your call, babe."

Chris was smiling from ear to ear and said, "Couch!" His blood was warm with anticipation!

Tossing the towel onto the couch Billi began to help him undress, her hands not hurried as she worked him up while shedding layers.

Chris was in shock as this beautiful woman was tossing clothes aside and he took her hand and put it in his hands and kissed her passionately and then put his hands on her bottom and pulled her close.

Billi didn't resist, kissing and fondling for several minutes before she then gave him a playful shove backwards. His calves hit the edge of the couch and he plopped onto the sofa. Billi straddled his lap and went back to kissing.

Chris brought himself close and felt her.

A good half hour went by as Billi enjoyed the physical intimacy, in various positions, with Billi and Chris taking over as the lead. It was passion, lust, and release all at once, with both of them feeling better as they used his private sonic shower to clean up and get dressed. It had been a very close connection for them, and Billi had fallen for Chris a little bit more. The emergency came over the speakers and both of them exited the CO's office to the bridge.



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