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Feeling Helpless (Part 1)

Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 12:54pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Lieutenant Taavis & Commander L'Mina & Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Billi & Lieutenant Oliver

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: USS Eclipse - Bridge
Timeline: MD3 - 1015 (planet time)


The Away team's life signs were disappearing. Cassandra stood behind the comm operator and said, "try again, dammit." Her voice thick with tension.

"Eclipse to Away Team. Lt. Taavis....Dr. Redex....Commander Byrnes....come in please," the ensign said. But only got static in return. She looked up at the XO and shook her head.

"Try a direct channel to one of the Danubes," Quinn instructed.

"Eclipse to CDR L' you read?" the ensign said. A crackle interrupted the static as if someone was attempting to break through the EI surrounding the planet.

Cassandra reached over the ensign's shoulder and pressed the comm. "L'Mina....try again. Come in..."

The ensign made some adjustments to the signal.

L'Mina had been following the Qirs, going slowly and keeping the shuttle high so she could follow Taavis. Suddenly she got the ship on the comms.

"You're coming through garbled, commander," she said as she tried to adjust the carrier wave to get through the interference.

Billi came out of the ready room, the Admiral right behind her. She looked at the viewscreen even though no information could be gleaned from it in regards to the away team. "Comms are still down, Commander?"

Cassandra nodded to Billi, then saw the Admiral following her out of his Ready Room and smirked, briefly, before returning her focus to the issues at hand.

Chris was adjusting his tunic and said, "Launch a probe as a communications relay to the planet. Lieutenant Coffee, do what you can to boost the signal gain. Lieutenant Oliver we need more output to the communications system. Go to yellow alert."

"I'll have an element go out and assist as comm relays," stated Billi.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Quinn said then tapped the comlink on the console again. "CDR L'Mina....we are sending the Eagles. I need a report as soon as possible," she said. All they could do now was wait. But Cassandra hated waiting. Especially with life signs disappearing from the planet surface.

Lieutenant Oliver said, "Admiral, meow once the Eagles are in place I'm going to make it so it will work as a transport boost as well. I have Warrant Officer Xinser standing by in the transporter room.

"I'm following some Qirs who have taken lieutenant Taavis," L'Mina reported, "I tried to beam her out, but she wouldn't let me. I'm following to see where they are bringing her. I can use some help."

Billi stepped to a station and had four fighters launch, setting up lead with elements. She looked to Cass. "Commander Quinn, fighters launching and at your disposal."

"Send them to help L'Mina," Cassandra ordered. "What the hell is going on down there?" she asked, looking at the Admiral even though she knew he didn't know anymore about the situation than she did.

Lieutenant Oliver said, "Admiral, the fighters are in place and the relay is established."

"Barks to Redex, come in, Doctor! Can you read me?" Chris said

Nikki had just finished treating Shack's wounds and was disposing of the remnants of his uniform she had had to cut away from the burned area when her combadge tweeted but all she could hear was crackling. She tapped it and said, "this is Dr. Redex," then waited for a reply but all she heard was static so she moved on to her next patient.

A few minutes later the comm console crackled. "Eagle 2 to Eclipse. I have a visual of the Away Team's area and it looks like a war zone down there," came the report. "I see two dead...whatever those things are...and several...," there was a pause. "...are those?" The RIO could be heard saying, "they're wearing uniforms. They are ours," and the pilot came back on and said, "several of our people. I think they're dead."

Cassandra looked at Barks with a horrified expression. "How many Eagle 2?" she asked.

"I count six," the pilot answered. Before he shut his mike off he could be heard saying to his RIO, "my God. What happened to them?" then the mike went dead.

"Does it look like they need assistance, Eagle 2?" Cassandra asked.

"No Eclipse," the pilot answered. "There is no sign of the creatures. Just the carnage." The his RIO could be heard, "I have a fix on CDR L'Mina," and the pilot said, "we're continuing on. We'll be on the Commander's six in five."

"Roger, Eagle 2," Cassandra said. She stepped away from the console and looked at Billi. "Keep tabs on them," she said, quietly, then looked at the Admiral, unsure what action to take at this point.

Billi gave Quinn a nod, not really in the mood to speak right now, the command deck suddenly heavy with the realization that a rescue mission had become a battle zone.

"Eagle 2, this is Admiral Barks boost your signal feed so we can lock onto life forms on the planet."

"Roger Eclipse," came the response. "Eagle 2 to Eagle 3 and 4....continue to track the shuttle. I'm doubling back."

Lieutenant Oliver took the ops station and told Warrant Officer Xinsar to get a lock on the life signs and to beam them up when the signal boost was done.

Commander Patton exited the turbo lift onto the Bridge. "Patton reporting, Admiral."

As soon as he showed the transporter had a lock, Xinsar said, "I have a lock on all within security's forcefield."

Cassandra walked over to the security console and checked the readings. "Transport," she said. "We'll get the equipment later."

"Aye, Commander," came the reply.

=====Oskurn Aid Tent=====

Nikki looked around. "Where is Ralph?" she asked. Dr. Burns pointed outside of the tent and Nikki looked through the flap to see the deflated body of the EFTS only inches from the edge of the forcefield. "Damn!" she exclaimed just as she saw her comrades begin to de-materialize.


Nikki and the rest of the Away Team appeared on the transporter pad and Xinsar reported, "I have them all."

"Barks to Redex, do we have everyone, Doctor?" Admiral Barks asked.

Nikki stepped off of the transporter pad and said, "anyone needing medical attention get to Sickbay." Then she tapped her combadge. "No, Admiral. We do not have everyone. I'm on my way to the Bridge with my report," she said with obvious annoyance. Then she looked at Shack to see if he was coming with her.

Byrnes followed.

Scott fell in step with the Eclipse's CMO and CoS.

Chris started the pace with bridge awaiting for the good doctor.

Nikki steps out of the turbolift with Shack and Scott behind her. "We lost seven people," Nikki reports. "And what's left of their bodies are still down there, Admiral. Lt. Taavis has been taken by the creatures and I have no idea where CPO Lambeth is. He took off to go track the Qirs so he was outside of the forcefield when we were beamed aboard. I don't even know if he's still alive or not."

"Thank you, Dr. Redex," Cassandra said. "We'll retrieve our dead once we know it is safe to do so."

To Be Continued


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