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Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 1:08pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux
Edited on on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 1:08pm

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Patton's quarters
Timeline: MD 3

OOC: okay, here we go. Please change the title if you can think of something better.

Sarah was not really happy. While she was out of sickbay and back in engineering, she was on light duty, which consisted of sitting behind a console in main engineering, keeping an eye on the warp core. It wasn't all that interesting, but at least it was more interesting than the inside of her quarters.

"Delvaux," she suddenly heard. She looked to see the shift leader come over.
"There's a small repair job," he said, handing over a PADD.
"Yes, sir," she said, standing up. Finally something interesting. She quickly moved to the indicated locations, some quarters, and rang the chime.

Commander Patton shouted ' Come in,' and the door to his room swooshed open. " Well, " He began, " I'm glad to see that other sections of this ship run as well as the Bridge. My replicator has seemed to go on the fritz, would you look it over please?"

"Sure, commander," Sarah said, going to the replicator. She opened the control panel and had a tricorder out to check what was going on.

Patton sat back at his desk and began to read over some notes, and let the crew person do her work.

Sarah was doing read-outs of her tricorder.
"Mmm, there you are," she said to herself, "now let's see what you are up to."

Patton looked up from his work. " I hope you can fix it, I generally like to have a cup of tea around this time.."

"It's a tricky one, commander," Sarah said, "everything seems okay as far as I can see. Maybe if you tell me what exactly does it do wrong, I can look more to the point?"

Patton smiled slightly. " Well, when I asked for a cup of tea, it produced clam chowder. "

"Ah," Sarah said, "I heard something about it. May I use your terminal for a second, sir."
At his nod, she went there and quickly accessed the engineering logs. She did some searching and soon got to the correct entry.

"Okay, that's a fairly easy fix," she said, "One of the ODN sub-processors has been slightly out of allignment and might get input from two lines instead of one. Let me have another look at it."
She went back to the unit and now did a scan just for that. Soon she had found the culprit and she started working on getting it back where it belonged.

"There we are, sir," she said after a couple of minutes, "if you can try it, then we can immediately see if it works correctly or not."

Patton nodded an affirmative and stated, ' tea, decafe, 1 sugar. " The machine 'whirred,' and the cup of tea appeared. Patton sipped it and smiled. Delicious. Care to join me in a cup?"

"Thank you for the offer, sir," Sarah said, "but I should be getting on with my job. I've spent too much time in sickbay already and I really should get back into things."

" As you wish, I thank you again. " Patton paused. " Problems in Sick Bay? "

"Not that I know about, sir," Sarah said, "I just spend some time there as, you know, a patient. Not fun at all."

"Well," Began Patton, " I won't ask why you go there, that's your business. "

"Of course, sir," Sarah said, "is there anything else?"

Patton shook his head. " I can't think of anything, thanks for coming on the short notice."

"No problem, sir," Sarah said, "at least it got me out of engineering for a change. I'll see you around."
With that she left the quarters.



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