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Predators becoming the prey

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 11:37pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: dirtside
Timeline: current

Ben sat up slowly, trying to remember what had happened. The Qirs had disappeared….with Taavis. He felt rage. True, unadulterated rage for the first time since… well for the first time ever. He had one friend and now she was gone…maybe dead.

He felt the back of his head and found dried blood. The wound was already closed but it didn’t stop the headache. He dug in his shoulder bag and found the bottle of Naproxen he had. He popped two dry then took a look around. He could remember now.. he had turned to follow the beasts then.. blackness.

He did a quick investigation and found a support beam from one of the large tents had fallen and hit him. He had been so intent on following that he never saw it coming. Others would probably be dead. A rare time he was thankful for his affliction.

He appeared to be the only one still at the site. The tents were in disarray, equipment and Qirs parts strewn around. He wondered why he was being left behind… realizing once more that his com badge had been damaged out at the farm. At least he had supplies. He would find and rescue.. or avenge Taavis.

Multiple options went through his mind at once as he cataloged what was available. A plan formed and he moved quickly. From the light he was at least three hours behind them. He needed to move fast. Soon he had gathered what he needed and was on a hover-lifter, speeding across the plains.

About five kilometers from his destination, he stopped and prepared for battle. From a sealed container he pulled a wool sweater, gloves, and hat he had replicated. Both had been soaking in vinegar since he left. Vinegar was a base, the opposite of an acid. Since the Qirs acid was concentrated, he had replicated concentrated vinegar. The wool would soak up more than anything else. He knew that phasers didn’t do much, but he still had his scythe. He had fashioned it to a titanium pole about a meter long, making it a short handled nagnata. He was ready as he could be. His shoulder bag on, he took off running. He shifted as he went…everything but his fingers. The claws would damage the gloves. He slowed a short time later and moved silently, sneaking up to the cave he had discovered a couple of days before.

Behind the rise once more, he surveyed the cave. As before, he could see the mammoth Qirs just inside the opening. His attack needed to be fast and lethal. He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering his childhood. He mentally recited an ‘Our Father’ and a ‘Hail Mary’. Time to see if he had what it would take to put the creature down. With a firm grip on his nagnata, he topped the rise at full speed, headed straight for the opening.

The Qirs noticed him right off and began to move. Ben hoped his plan would work and gave a mighty battle roar. The beast reacted as he had predicted, coming forward and rising up, fore-limbs at the ready. Ben’s bet paid off, the creature not realizing Ben was faster and stronger than the humans that it was used to. Ben flipped the nagnata over and lunged low then springing up. He stabbed the blade into the lower thorax and continued his momentum upward. The speed of the attack and his strength drove the blade all the way through then split the creature in twine. The screech it had begun cut short and it’s internals splattered everywhere.

Ben did his best to move aside but was still hit with a good sum of the goop. His wool armor did it’s job and most of the blood became inert, the little on his pants burning. He wiped the spot with his gloved hand and it too was counteracted. He wiped the blade as well but knew that it would only be a matter of time before it would no longer be useful. His armor too would eventually give out but for now, he was safe.

Ben took a moment and sniffed, checking what scents he could gather. He would track his way in and kill what he could along the way. He would find Taavis or die knowing he did his best….

To be continued


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