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The Replacements

Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 3:45pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadee & Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Main Science Lab
Timeline: current/somewhere in-between

" So, let me get this straight.." Sadee said, still cradling her injured hand." You want to take some of my personnel and repopulate the Lab?"

"That, " Antos said with a grin." Is exactly what I plan to do. I am an engineer, yet I will be the governor."

Sadee gave a short laugh." Okay, then... Who do you want?"

Antos brought up the list on his PADD." I would like these four because they, like myself, have science certifications." He scrolled down the list." And these six because they have experience with similar programs."

Sadee took the PADD and rested it gently on her bandage." Okay.... you have the four..." She looked at the other names for a moment." But on the others, I can only give you three. Good enough?"

Antos smiled." I could have made it work with the four so yes, that will work fantastically." He winked." I was patting my hand a wee bit.."

Sadee rolled her eyes and chuckled." Sure.. take advantage of the young, female officer..." She said, jokingly.

" Not at all.." Antos said." I take advantage of everyone equally. It is what made me a good instructor."

Sadee snorted." I remember." She signed the PADD and handed it over." Okay, Professor..there you are."

"Thank you, my dear." Antos said with a smile. " And go to medical and get that hand checked out." When she started to speak he held up his hand." Nope. I know you are tough but this is necessary. That is an order." He smiled." We maybe the same rank but I have time in rate by about 20 years."

Sadee chuckled." But I am an assistant department head..." She smiled again." But I know... I will head there next."

"See Dr. Graf." Antos responded." He is a good fellow. He seems to be having a bad day. Your smile always lightened up my classroom. Maybe it will work for him."

" Okay..." Sadee said with a light chuckle, shaking her head as she left.

It wasn't long before the personnel arrived and Antos had them to task. Many of the standard checks and experiments were done using the computer so he had the tech specialists work on them while he and the other four worked on the more hands on jobs. By the end of the shift, he had things running close to normal as he could. He sent the report off to Graf as promised the went to check on how his other team was doing...


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