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Seeing to things personally

Posted on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 12:25am by Captain Azala Kahn

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: SB 55
Timeline: current


Captain Kahn stood with the CEO of Starbase 55, motioning out the window at the USS Sovereign. "Who the hell fed my CEO the data that there are 60 phaser banks on my ship? There are fourteen phaser arrays, strategically placed to cover all angles. I want them repaired now!"

"Captain Kahn, I have no idea who gave that data but it was no one from this department." The 55 CEO was a bit flustered over it all.

"Fourteen arrays," kahn reiterated. "Please, have your people get to them ASAP. Commander Casano is dealing with our power issues and warp core, so alleviate some of the pressure, please."

"I'll send a message to Casano that we'll handle the arrays," stated the 55 CEO.

Kahn, showing her engineering knowledge, spoke up. "Five dorsal phaser arrays on the primary hull, one extending around the saucer section, giving it an oval appearance. Four more arrays, roughly a quarter of the size of the original, cover the aft dorsal firing arcs and are located along the aft portion of the saucer section. Two ventral phaser arrays on the primary hull, extending around in nearly a half circle on both the starboard and port ventral sides of the saucer section. A single phaser array, harking back to the belly phaser of the Galaxy Class engineering hull, is located along the ventral section of the engineering hull, running perpendicular to the hull. Did I miss any?"

"No, Captain. That about covers it."

Kahn gave a grin. "Thank you. Also, people seem to think it's okay to just order shit without my consent. No one micro-manages my command. I want half my torpedoes to be standard issue, the other half quantum. Is that a problem?"

"Not at all."

"Thank you, again." Azala was feeling better, since she had studied every aspect of the Sovereign class on her way here. To not know what her ship was capable of would be a detriment to her position as CO, and the crew. "Confer with my Security department, Commander Douglas will handle the paperwork for torpedoes."

"You got it."

Kahn, feeling better, and knowing her ship will be ready that much sooner, shook hands and left.



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