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Shielding the Colonists

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 1:23pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Sean "Shack" Byrnes & Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Kira Shiryankin

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: USS Eclipse - CO's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 3


Cassandra sat down at the CO's desk and rubbed her throbbing temples for a few seconds then tapped her combadge. "Lt. Shiryankin, ENS. Doolin and CDR Brynes report to the captain's Ready Room," she said then she got up and walked to the replicator.

" aspirin," she said and a few seconds later a cup of steaming coffee and three tablets in a small medicine cup appeared on the pad and she picked them up, downing the tablets and chasing them with a swig of coffee.

Doolin arrived on the bridge, still in his gear and uniform from the planet. He had dirt, grime, and blood spattered about randomly from shoulders to feet.

Byrnes noted the Engineer, gave a nod, then led the man to the ready room. They both entered single file and stopped inside, with Shack seeing Cass at the replicator. He wanted to walk over and give her a hug but this was neither the time nor the place for such an action. "We're here, Commander."

"Aye, dat we are," added Doolin.

"I'm here as well," Kira said.

"I know everyone is busy but I wanted to throw some ideas around with you guys," Cassandra said, sitting down at the desk and taking a sip of her coffee. Looking at Doolin and Shack she said, "the forcefield you two erected down it possible to duplicate it in some way so that it can extend around the entire colony? And if so....what kind of power source would it take to make it permanent?"

Shack looked over at the engineer. "This is your specialty, Doolin."

Doolin nodded at that, eyes going back and forth to all as he spoke. "It is possible, Commander. We would need more towers to keep the signal and field strong, and a steady power source. The colony main generator, which is usually underground, should suffice since it is built to take more strain as the colony expands. It's just a matter of time and resources."

"We should be able to supply those resources," Kira stated. "Hell, if we needed to, we could pull an entire reactor from the ship and send it down there ... not that we'd need to do that, just saying we have some pretty major resources up here."

"Could it be permanent?" Cassandra asked.

"Permanent as in, we leave, and they don't need a replacement and such?" Kira asked.

"Yeah," Cassandra nods, leaning forward in her chair and resting her arms on the desk. "At the very least....something that wouldn't require replacement for several years."

"Aye," said Doolin. "Nuttin says we canna leave the gear for 'em, and their own engineer types in the colony should be able to keep it in good order."

Cassandra sipped at her coffee while she let the information sink in. Then she nodded. "That's great. Thank you all. That gives us an option," she said. Getting to her feet she said, "I'll let you get back to work." She looked at Shack and said, "CDR have the con," and she left the Ready Room to go explore another possible option.



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