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Through the valley of the shadow..

Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 4:19pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: dirtside
Timeline: current

Ben sat on a small boulder, leaning against the wall. In his wake, there were three dead Qirs and one that probably crawled of and died as well. He was avoiding them best as he could, the now inert acidic slime on his body covering his scent. He had to admit to himself, this combat made him feel more alive than anything before. He took his shoulder bag off and opened it up. Time to take stock.

His nagnata was still in good shape. He wasn't sure what it was made of but it appeared to be resilient against the slime. He had lost his wool hat in battle with the second Qirs he came across but again, the inert slime kept him safe. He touched his face where that one had clawed him. The cuts were not bleeding but the pain was there. If he survived this he would keep those scars out of pride.

The wool gloves literally fell off and the sweater was in tatters. All in all, he was doing rather well. In his bag, he still had ration bars, a canteen, and a couple of squirt bottles of vinegar. He also had a couple of phaser pistols, a plan for them should desperation come about. He took out a ration bar and closed the bag up, putting it back over his shoulder.

He considered his options as he ate. Shortly after the last Qirs went down, he noticed he could no longer hear their movement nor did he smell fresh trace. With there perceived hive mentality, if they were not after him, then something more important was going on. Finishing his ration he stood. That could only mean Taavis was alive, at least for now.

With his mind opening up, more memories had returned, including some scriptures. " Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me.." He gave a chuckle." And, I'm the baddest mother f$#&er in the valley..." He picked up his nagnata and began tracking, deeper into the abyss...

to be continued


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