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Exploring Options

Posted on Sat Sep 9th, 2017 @ 6:04pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: USS Eclipse - Astrometrics
Timeline: MD3


Cassandra walked into the astrometrics lab and looked around. Spotting Lt. Antos with his feet propped up on a desk, his back to the door, she walked over and, loudly, cleared her throat. "I hate to disturb you Lieutenant," she said.

"Not at all, my dear Commander." Antos said with a smile." For someone who has not work with pure science in over 20 years, I'm doing quite well. What can I do for you, Madame?"

"Commander will do fine, Lieutenant," Cassandra said with a small smirk. Pulling up a chair from the nearest unoccupied workstation, she sat and said, "I'm looking for possible options to help the colonists on Oskurn. Can you find a suitable Federation class M planet with plenty of fertile ground for farming and minimal dangerous wildlife that...should we need to...we could relocate them to? Preferably somewhere in this sector."

Antos gave a nod and began typing on the computer." I believe Oskurn was the only class-M in this system..." He continued on." Ah, but two systems over there is a class-O planet." He looked up from the screen." It is over 90% water but does have a couple of medium sized continents and a Oxygen-Nitrogen atmosphere with 1.2 standard gravity." He gave a light smile." No known sentient life."

Cassandra shook her head. Looking at the screen she saw a small planet on the border of the neighboring system that looked a lot like Earth. Pointing to it she asked, "what about that one?"

Antos looked at the location then back at the other screen." That one..." He typed for a moment." Is not on the list.." He input a few commands then transferred it to the main viewer. Walking over, he touched the planet and dragged it to the center. He opened his hand, causing the image to fill the center of the screen and show details." Interesting.." He said, thoughtfully rubbing his chin." It was cataloged some time ago. Class-M, roughly the size of Sol I. Slightly cooler on average than Sol III." He glanced over." Surveyed but not explored. It appears that once Oskurn was selected, interest in the planet was dropped. A filing error caused it to be omitted from the list." He tapped an icon on the screen." System F-641, planet designation F641 II."

"How far?" Cassandra asked, memorizing the designation.

" Relatively close." Antos said." Only an hour at warp factor three." He looked at the current information from Oskurn." We have the capacity to carry the surviving colonists and barring
complications, full relocation should only take a week." He looked over. " I would suggest, Commander, that a scouting team be sent right away. It was scanned but no one has set foot on the planet."

Cassandra patted Antos's shoulder and said, "thanks, Lieutenant. I'll let the Admiral know." With that she left with another option for the Oskurn colonists.



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