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handling the slack

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 12:46am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sadee

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: main operations
Timeline: current/somewhere in-between

Sadee went to medical as promised. Requesting Graf was out of the question as medical was packed. She turned to go but was stopped by a rather tired and grumpy nurse." No you don't.." Said the nurse." You sit your little butt down over there."

Sadee just gave a nod and did as told. She didn't have the energy to argue. Before long, a tech was with her, checking her hand." How'd this happen?"

" I was repairing a console and the boy running it hit the wrong button." Sadee said." About... ten hours ago..."

The tech sighed." Should have come in... never mind." He gave her an injection." It should heal up in the next 24 to 48 hours." He changed hypos." This will help with the pain.."

Sadee stopped him." I can't be down. Too much to do."

The tech gave another sigh." Fine... here.." He took a bottle of minor pain killers from a tray." One every four hours."

Sadee smiled and took the bottle. Once the bandage was replaced, she was released. Now, the best thing would have been to head for her quarters. She knew that. But, she also knew that there was too much going on for her to do that. Instead, she headed for main operations.

Once there, she replicated some juice and popped one of the pills. She moved to the center of the room." Computer, record and send to all operations personnel that are off duty or in an area that they cannot receive communication at this point."

" Request acknowledged. "

"Listen up!" She began, getting the crew around the office's attention." We are the logistics team for this vessel. That you already know. There is a vital mission underway which means our work load has doubled. Oliver is in the mix so it is up to me and all of you to make him and command proud." She began to pace around." I was just in medical. If a request comes from them, consider it Alpha priority. That, however, does not mean other requests are side lined. Even if the Admiral or Commander make a request, nothing will be left unfilled. Not one of the departments on this vessel can operate without their supplies." She stopped, looking around." This means long hours and short breaks for us. Everyone will be doing 12 on, eight off. If you're feeling froggie, you can take four off. But, if you do and show detrimental side effects, you will be relieved of duty and put on report. This is the time to shine, people. Good luck. End recording."

With renewed vigor, crew jumped into action. Sadee smiled then turned to a petty officer." Chief, grab a couple of warm bodies and head to the officers' mess. With this going on, I'm sure the brass isn't stopping to eat. Sandwiches, soup, whatever will be easy to eat. I'll send them a message so they can have it ready."

"Aye, Sir!" The chief said, turning and jogging off. Sadee sent the message to the mess then went to her desk. Even in times of urgency, the reports still needed to be done..


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