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You are not alone...

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 5:32am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Benjamin Lambeth

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: dirtside
Timeline: current

Ben found the next part of his trip quite a bit easier. His scent masked with the slime, he was able to sneak through the tunnels, following the fresh tracks of the Qirs. He had to stop periodically to re-coat and avoid detection but all in all, he made good time.

He could see very well in the dark but became aware that more light could be seen. He was most likely nearing the main reactor for the mine. If a hive was going to have a center, that was probably it. He moved on further, stopping just inside the tunnel opening. The tunnel emptied out above the floor. He moved slowly and silently, peering over the edge...


With the inky blackness shadowing the Queen, and only her head protruding from the darkness, Taavis could not make out much detail. The head alone, being at least four times larger than her progeny, was proof enough that this creature could and would shred anything that threatened her hive. The Queen turned her head this way and that, hissing occasionally. ....

........ It was impressive to speak with the Queen, with Taavis getting better speech from the Matriarch the longer they stayed connected. However, the Queen had made her position clear and Taavis would now have to act. It had been stated that there were more hives so damaging this one was not an act of genocide even though Taavis could easily motivate herself to kill every Qirs on the planet. Breaking the mind meld and stepping back, re-aligning as just Taavis for a few minutes, she then turned and went towards the console the Queen had pointed out. Hopefully, it would be able to be used for communications....

End snippet:

Ben watched her for a moment. He knew what he would do. Hell, he had the phasers along for that reason. She needed to know he was there. He wasn't sure how well the Qirs could hear but he knew her Vulcanoid hearing was very keen. He took a moment to search his memory, finding the Romulan language. Since they had little chance of them hearing it before, he felt it could go unnoticed.

Ben took a slow breath then sub-vocalized in Romulan...." I am here, Taavis. You are not alone."

To Be Continued


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