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Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 1:10am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Creatures in the Corner
Location: Main Science Lab/cargo bay
Timeline: current

" Sir, we have orders from the bridge."

Antos looked up from the microscope when the tech spoke, cocking his head." Well, out with it, young man. We may have all day but they don't."

The tech chuckled, getting use to Antos' dry humor." Away shuttle is requesting mini-probes. Command wants them beamed down, ASAP."

'Well then.." Antos said, standing from his stool." Let us be about it." Antos gave a few simple orders then headed to the cargo bay. Once there, he moved to the storage area set aside for the science department.

"Are we going to be able to beam to the shuttle?" The tech asked." I heard there was a lot of interference on the planet."

" We have com connection with the shuttle, Yes?" The tech nodded and Antos smiled." If we have com, we can beam." He lead the tech over and soon they had a repulsor cart with three large containers, headed for the transporter.

In each container were four of the mini-probes." I will configure these and then have you place them on the pad." The tech gave a nod as Antos set to work." Normally we would just sent down the containers but since the need is dire, we will sent them down active but on stand by. The pilot will be able to connect with them and send the directly from the small cargo area on the shuttle."

"Sir.." The tech said as he began placing the readied probes on the large pad." Why are you in engineering? You seem to be born for this stuff."

" Engineering, warp specifically, was what I taught at the academy." Antos replied as he worked." It seemed the.. and pardon the overly done Vulcan parlance, most logical thing to do." He smiled as he moved to the last probe." But you are right, my boy. I am enjoying this change. Perhaps I will look into making it a permanent one." He picked up the last probe and took it to the pad." And there we are."

Antos and the tech moved to the transporter console. He keyed up what was needed then hit his com badge." Lt. Antos to the bridge, one dozen robotic baby scientists are ready to be delivered..."

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