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Meanwhile in the Diplomatic Quarters

Posted on Sun Nov 19th, 2017 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Patton's Office

Amanogawa Kirara had finished speaking to Bark and decided it was time to get her Senior Officer's thoughts, also she wanted her to meet her beloved wife. As such she intended to invite him for a small dinner in her quarters to meet haruHaru.

All aside, she was still learning to be as good at diplomacy as this man, who had many years of handling such matters.

She straightened her uniform, walked up to his office door and rang the buzzer.

"Sir...Are you in?"

Commander George Patton looked up from his book and said, " Enter." He smiled and got up as the Lieutenant entered. " Lieutenant, good to see you. Please, take a seat. I've having some tea, would you care for a cup?"

She nods smiling. "Sure! I'd love that!" She also put a covered plate onto the table near here. Here's a small gift from the Missus. At least..I'm hoping you still like cookies."

She sat down beside him. "How are things?"

Robert poured her a cup of tea then took an cookie and bit into it. " Tastes good; what are they?"

"knowing HaruHaru...likely peanut's her forte..." She grins. "So...what do you think our upcoming mission will be?"

Robert sat back down and finished eating the cookie before continuing. " We, that is you and I and a few others, will be meeting with some folks that settled on an planet, whom them proceeded to ' anger ' its original inhabitants, and said inhabitants in turn began to eat them, etc. Our job will be to get these folks together, and move them to a new planet, where it is hoped they'll have better luck with."

She smiled at that "Sounds good." Her face then softened a bit, :Sir, I had a question...and I wanted to see if you would be...okay with it? I wanted to be trained up on other stations. Not because I don't like working here - far from it! It's times of emergencies....I'd like to be able to flip to help over to help in other places if needed."

Patton smiled at her request. " I'm all for that. The more you know, the better it will serve you in the years to come. "

She smiled "Great to hear. That's exactly how I feel. May I ask...what was it like when you first joined up? What inspired you to take to the stars?"

Patton sat back in his seat. " *That* is going back a long time...." George Patton looked at her then at the wall. " A long time..." He whispered... Coming back to the present, he began his story..." "Years ago, before 'you' were born(Patton winked,) and our current ship Commanders were on their hands and knees, giving their Parents woe, I had my first post, as an Ensign on the USS Chaffee, as 3rd Engineering Officer.... that was around 2348, I believe, and I will never forget the lecture I received..' Never go off watch before checking *everything* at your station...and recheck it when you check in. it's ok to have friends at your rank...but..if you ever become Captain of your ship, remember can be friendly with your crew, but never ' close.' ' "I asked the Captain what he meant by that, and he told me this: ' When you are Captain, there may come a time when you have to make decisions that effect the lives of your crew and ship. It may even come down to where *you* have to decide whom lives...or dies. ' " As for myself, I had looked at the stars, and decided that was where I wished to live my life, among them."

Kirara sat smiling as she saw her SO's memories envelope him again. This was the true Patton...and her smile broadened. "You're a wonderful man, Patton. Your family is so lucky to have a man like you in their midst!"

She took his hand. "I'll do my make you proud...I promise..."

Commander Patton smiled at her. " I'm sure that you will, Lieutenant. Though as for my being an 'wonderful man,' that I will leave to those that write the histories." With that, he winked at her. " Now, if you wouldn't mind, I need to read through some reports, then I plan to rest for a bit?"

She stood up and saluted. "yup! Certainly..I'll be on my way..I have mischief to manage.." She winked and set off.

Junior Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa
Assistant Diplomatic officer

Commander Robert Patton
Chief Diplomatic Officer



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