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Get cracking

Posted on Mon Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 4:27pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Main Science Lab
Timeline: current
Tags: Quinn

OOC: Not sure which mission to put it under. My apologies.


Antos had been going over the samples and reports for hours and had come to his own conclusion: the colony needed to be moved. He was already making plans to visit F641 II when the orders came in. " Damn.." He said, softly.

" What is it, Sir?" Asked one of his people.

" Oh, I was hoping to have more time to explore the possible new colony site." He glanced over." Looks like we will be relocating the colonists... I need to get cracking."

Antos sent orders and requests to the shuttle bay to have a vessel fitted and loaded for exploration. He sent a list of equipment consisting of everything they would need for the most likely events that could occur. Once his messages were sent, he went back out to the main lab." I will be taking a couple of you with me. Stand by to see if we get the green light." With that, he left out from the lab.

To round out the group, he was going to need a pilot, some security or marines, and someone from medical. First, he needed permission. He stopped at the turbo lift and hit his com.

" Lt. Antos to Cmdr. Quinn. Would you have a moment for a chat?"

Tag Quinn


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