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Posted on Tue Oct 10th, 2017 @ 2:36pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Lieutenant Junior Grade Elizabeth Rush & Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Relocation
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 1 10:00


Admiral Barks had to shallow his pride and made notes regarding what was needed for the special guest. He called in his first officer and Ensign Rush.

Cassandra had just finished inspecting the two cargo bays they would be using to accommodate the personal possessions of the colonists when she got the call. Tapping her combadge she said, "on my way, sir," and headed for the nearest turbolift.

"We may not need anymore than the one cargo bay," Rush was saying to the Operations officer on the video comm. "The XO thinks there might be some of the farmers that will want to stay with their seedlings on the Freedom. But just in case." Her combadge tweeted and she excused herself to answer it then said, "yes, sir," and turned her attention back to the Ops officer. "I'm sorry. I need.....,"

"I heard," the lieutenant said. "Go ahead. I'll see it's ready in time."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Rush said and switched off the monitor. Grabbing a blank PADD as well as the one with the info she had compiled so far, she hurried out of her office and headed for the CO's Ready Room.

Cassandra and Rush arrived on the Bridge at the same time. Cassandra waved stop to the ensign at the science station before she had a chance to announce Cassandra being on the Bridge and fell in beside Rush and they both approached the door to the Ready Room. Rush pressed the chime.

"Enter" Admiral Barks

The door slid open and Cassandra gestured for the Admiral's Yeoman to precede her then followed. "You wanted to see us, sir?" she asked and watched Rush open one of her PADDs, ready to take notes.

"Yes, we have a special mission adviser arriving to the Eclipse. Captain Griffin, he is going to assist in the relocation of the farmers and as well study the Qirs. I'm going to assign Commander Graf to find a suitable planet for the farmers."

"Sir," Cassandra spoke up. "Lt. Antos and I have found a suitable Federation planet." She walked over to the Admiral's side of the desk and typed some information into his terminal. A star chart appeared on his monitor and she pointed to the, already, highlighted planet. "System F-641, planet designation F641 II is a Class-M, roughly the size of Sol I. Slightly cooler on average than Sol III that had been on the short list for the original colony but once Oskurn had been selected. It is perfect for a farming colony. It has minimal, non-carnivorous wildlife that help the planet's eco system thrive. It is a week away at standard warp."

"Outstanding, Commander, work with Commander Graf then to find the best spot for them to begin. Captain Griffin wont have as much to do now, excellent," ADM Barks said.

"Aye, sir," Cassandra said.

ENS Rush looked up from the PADD she had been taking notes in and said, "Admiral....Cargo bays 1 and 2 have been cleared out..." she glanced at Quinn with a questioning look and when Cassandra nodded she continued. "...and temporary sleeping areas are being set up in case we need them. Ops is planning on doubling up smaller families in the VIP guest quarters and if needed, we have several empty enlisted quarters available. The Freedom can take all of the farm equipment and have already set up a green house in one of their cargo bays for the farmers' seedlings. Some of the farmers may want to stay with them so the Freedom is ready to accommodate up to 125 if needed."

Wow, he was impressed, his two officers were very good and he wanted to mess with them alittle. "Geez, Commander if you want command of the Eclipse just say so already!"

Cassandra looked at Rush and winked. "Only if I can have Liz as my Yeoman," she said with a laugh.

"Sorry, Commander," Rush smirked. "I go where the Admiral goes."

Cassandra shrugs. "In that case I'll pass," she said.

Chris laughed and said, "Okay, Commander get with Commander Graf and assit him in finding a spot on the planet for the farmers. Also I was thinking of promoting him to full Commander. What are your thoughts?"

"I think that he has earned it, Admiral," Cassandra said. "He is, after all, pulling double duty these days."

"Okay, good to know. Have helm plot a course to the new planet and we will get underway. I want to get the farmers out of harms way as soon as possible."

"I'd like to get a relocation team down there to help organize the colonists and their stuff," Cassandra said. "And make sure our science guys are up to speed before courses are set, sir. Just a suggestion."

Excellent thinking Commander. Captain Griffin will want to go down, but get the teams ready." Admiral Barks said

"I'll get right on it, Sir," Cassandra said with a nod and headed for the door.

"I'll be in my office filing this report," Rush said and made her exit as well.



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