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Finding a place

Posted on Tue Oct 10th, 2017 @ 3:50pm by Captain Cassandra Quinn & Commander Hafrap Graf & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Junior Grade Antos

Mission: Relocation
Location: USS Eclipse - Astrometrics
Timeline: MD 1 11:00


Hafrap didnt have much of a dedicated science team, but he did have two science officers as a backup field for science so he summoned his two science officers he did have.

Taavis, now clean after a sonic shower, and all relevant samples stowed away properly beforehand, entered the Science department. Seeing Graf she walked over and stood near to him while he was looking at a monitor, arms crossed over his chest as he absentmindedly rubbed his chin while reading whatever had his attention. "Commander Graf, I am here due to your request for scientific analysis and research. How may I assist?"

Hafrap said, "Commander Quinn and Lieutenant Antos have found a planet for the farmers to relocate to. I want to find an area on the planet that would be the best for them."

Arching an eyebrow, Taavis looked at the monitor. "It would be illogical to assume any area is safe until we have physically seen to the region. No one knew of the Qirs, and yet the colony is in jeopardy due to that unfortunate fact. The Federation colonization program needs to revamp their techniques and precautions. We have fighters that could easily head out there and look to various areas that show promise. If need be I'll go myself, with a team, and back them up."

Antos entered the room as she spoke." No need." He said." I already have a shuttle prepared. I was on my way to speak with Cmdr. Quinn about some security types when Dr. Graf called." He looked at Graf." I have built up a rather good department, Commander. All the reports should be up to date."

Dr. Graf said, "You both make good points. I've called Commander Quinn in to help with the situation."

Taavis looked this Antos up and down, then she went back to her stoic Vulcanoid persona. "I could give a damn about your preparedness. Being prepared caused too many lives to be lost down on the planet, and I blame the command staff. They were so eager to show they could handle anything that they lost focus and sent our teams into a trap. The Qirs won that day."

" I for one, plan to take a long hard look at the bloody planet." Antos said." Thanks to your samples, Lieutenant, we can scan for the beasties before we land."

"There could be other hostile creatures on the new planet as well that we need to be prepared for. A science and a medical team along with security should check out the new planet." Dr. Graf said.

"Belay that, Doctor," Quinn said as she entered the room. She handed Graf a PADD. "This is the latest intel on the planet. At first we showed it hadn't been surveyed but Starfleet has advised me that a survey was done in which the indigenous wildlife and natural resources were catalogued. The planet is much like Earth but without natural gasses. The soil nearest the higher elevations is Rich in nutrients and would, probably, be best for farming." She brought up a close aerial image on the larger viewer. "There are several large plateaus that only need to be cleared of trees and brush," she said, pointing to the image. "There is more than enough fresh water to sustain life indefinitely." She flicks the image away and stops at another. "And several bodies of salt water that are oceanic and have their own indigenous wildlife." She looks back at the group. "They did the work and yet they picked Oskurn over this one. All because the climate was warmer year round."

"This seems like a suitable location for the relocation of the farmers. How much time do they require for relocation and how far is this New Earth planet, Commander?" For being a non-science officer Hafrap was impressed.

"Counselor Akane and CDR Patton have taken a team to the planet to help organize the relocation," Cassandra said. "They haven't reported back yet so I don't have an answer to your first question, Doctor. To your second one," she looked at Antos to confirm, "a week?"

Taavis spoke before Antos could. "I am the Supervisor for a department aboard this ship, and all I said was directed at myself as much as it was directed at others. My being ill prepared cost lives and I am determined it will never happen again. Thank you Commander Quinn for the due diligence on this, but I would still feel more relaxed if we scouted an area for the colony, making sure."

Cassandra turned and looked at Taavis, folding her arms across her chest. "Let me get this straight, Lieutenant. You want to scout a planet that has already been catalogued by Starfleet. Do you not trust their findings?" she asked.

"My file says it all, Commander," stated Taavis, meeting the gaze of her XO. "The truth needs to be seen far more than sugar-coating. And, in regards to your Starfleet awesomeness, does it state how long it has been since those scans were taken?"

Her arms still folded, Cassandra leaned her back against the science table. "Alright. I'll tell you what," she said, quietly. "It is probably going to take 4 or 5 days to get all of the colonists, their belongings, equipment and seedlings loaded on both ships. It will take a week at warp 5 for one of our long range shuttles to reach the planet in question. You pick a team and head there in the next hour and you will have a 3 to 4 days to do your survey. Or you can accept Starfleet's surveys and cataloguing and we can get busy plotting courses and getting our guests situated on board so we can get underway before the Qirs decide to attack again and desimate the rest of the colonists and our relocation team. Choice is yours, Lieutenant."

Taavis looked at her XO, directly. "I will take your challenge, Commander Quinn. By the time they arrive I will know, without question, whether or not the area we have set aside for them is safe. THAT is the difference between caring, and simply washing one's hands of the ordeal."

" Lucky for you, Lieutenant.." Antos said with a smile." I have everything set up except security or marines." He gave a shrug." I believe all that need to said, has been."

Doctor Graf did something he normally doesn't do and asserted his command autherity and said, "LIEUTENANT, you are speaking to a Commander and the XO of the ship, your tune better change and fast!"

"Doctor Graf," Taavis said in an even tone. "I believe Mister Antos was referring to me, Sir. Not the Executive Officer." Looking into the eyes of this Antos Taavis could see something familiar, but what it was continued to elude her, so her eyes went back to the others. "I will gather a team, one being Antos here, and select my shuttle for the excursion. If I may, Commanders?" She was subtly asking if she was dismissed.

"We need to get the Admiral to sign off on this little excursion first," Cassandra spoke up, unfolding her arms and stepping away from the table. "My suggestion is you put together a list of who you want on your team and what equipment you will need and meet me in the Admiral's Ready Room in an hour. That will give me enough time to get CDR L'Mina there, too, to coordinate Flight Control and assign a pilot."

Taavis gave a nod to that. "Of course, Commander Quinn. I had Billi in mind for the pilot, but will defer to others. As infiltrators we are trained for unfamiliar terrain."

"I'm sure Billi will have her hands full with the Eagles providing air cover for the Relocation Team but we will see what the Admiral says," Cassandra said with a nod. To the rest of the group she smiled and said, "good work everyone," then left and headed to speak to the Admiral.



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