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Getting there

Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 2:55pm by Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina

Mission: USS Sovereign
Timeline: current

"We're almost there," the pilot of the delta flyer said to her.
"Finally," was the only thing she said. It had been quite a long time to get here. First the old Miranda she had taken to get from Starbase 173, where the Venture was docked, to Starbase 55 had developed warp core problems, limiting its speed to warp 3. Warp 3 instead of warp 5 was quite a big difference and that made her late at starbase 55.

There she had to wait about three days and while the accomodations were a lot better than on the old Miranda, the wait was still annoying. She assumed it hadn't been all that much fun for those people she had come into contact with.

She was lucky that there was one more delta flyer shuttle that had to be delivered to the Sovereign together with some non-replicable spare parts. Luckily they remembered that she was on the base and she had jumped at the opportunity, even if it meant being cooped up for three days with petty officer who couldn't be above 20 years old. It had taken her a couple of stern orders for him to leave her alone.

She had taken her part of the shifts at the helm as well and had read up on her department and the Sovereign during much of the rest of the time. At least the ship just had a refit and was equiped with the latest sensors and lab equipment.

"There she is," the pilot said as he dropped out of warp. Jennifer liked the Sovereign class more than the Galaxy class. The Sovvie looked a lot faster, even when standing still. Five minutes later they were inside the main shuttlebay. Jennifer was the first outside, looking around. Here she was, ready for action.


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