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Coming Home

Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 11:06pm by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: =/\= Polluxic 2 =/\=

Major Mike Hatch lay on his belly as he looked through the visor of his TR-116 sniper rifle. The suns of the planet he and his Marauder selectees had been conducting their eighteen month training on had started to crest the horizon. Hatch blinked as his eyes adjusted to the two suns and the glint of light they cast of the ocean in front of him. This was day six, the final day of phase four. The Major and his fire team had been tasked with the defense of a small island in what had been dubbed by the instructors Operation Last Stand.

It was just as ominous as the name suggested, in the first four days their ammunition had been fine. However, on day five an air assault had hit their hopper and taken all the ammunition with it. Now, they were left with setting up traps like pungie sticks, nets and other things they could construct from what they had available. So far that had held back the opposing force, made up of the Starfleet Advanced Tactical recruits.

"Bravo three-nine, Bravo two-nine," a voice called over the secured comm link in a whisper.

"Three-nine, go," Mike called back without moving or taking his focus off the beach below.

"I have six hoverboats incoming, no sign of tangos on board."

Mike chewed his lower lip, all they had to go on were visual inspections, the SFATAC's had taken out their ability to conduct any scans on day three, "copy, keep your eyes on them."

No sooner had he finished than he saw twelve figures emerge from the water in front of him, moving slowly along the sand on their bellies. Mike started to line up his shot, but, before he could squeeze the trigger explosions rang out, shaking the island.

Voices of the rest of his fire team mixed together as they reported in. The Major gritted his teeth and listened, hoverboats had exploded near or on the four corners of the island. At least one of each had been packed with flashbangs, the combined number of devices overloading the optics in everyones visors. Mike tried to look through the blinding light but had lost any visual of the six figures, "Bravo Team, use analog optics and hold position," he called and ripped the visor off his head, tossing it in the dirt.

As his eyes cleared Hatch slowed his breathing and put the but of the rifle against his cheek. Now he counted at least sixteen tangos with more coming out. Mike become almost superhumanly aware of his heartbeat and breathing. He waited until he had the fraction of a second between heartbeats then pulled the trigger. The rifle jerked into his shoulder as the deep boom rang out. The simulated projectile left the barrel, but, it was not transported. Instead it found it's target as the round screamed through the air.

"Tangos have nixed our tech, fall back to Delta," he ordered as he took a few more shots before rolling behind the hill and running off.

He had only made it a few feet before he had to skid to a stop to avoid running headlong into a Klingon wearing Starfleet security gold. The officer grinned toothily and wagged a finger before raising up a phaser and pressing the trigger with his thumb....


=/\= Three Weeks Later, USS Exeter en route to Starbase 55 =/\=

Mike jerked awake as a hand touched his shoulder, "steady boss, we're coming out of warp," Staff Sergeant Sarah Ducondo said as Hatch pulled his hand back from the hip his phaser usually was on.

The Major just gave a nod and rubbed his face before standing up from the Life Sciences chair of the runabout. He moved over and sat in the pilots seat, "alright, top, signal the other runabouts to drop from warp," he ordered before bringing Exeter out of warp, "Starbase Five-Five, Major Mike Hatch and First Marauders assigned to USS Eclipse requesting docking clearance for six runabouts."


Major Mike Hatch
1st Marauders Commander
USS Eclipse


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