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meeting up

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 12:46pm by Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: captain's ready room/shuttlebay
Timeline: after Jennifer's arrival


After dropping off her bag in her quarters, quite nice ones since she was department head on one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. Next up was a conversation with the CO, so she headed up to the bridge. She probably would have to spend some time there, even though she'd rather be in her lab.

Arriving there she noticed a lieutenant in the big chair.
"Hi," she said, "I'm the new chief science. Is the captain in?"
"Lieutenant Colt," the lieutenant said, "chief helm. He's in the ready room."
"Thanks," Jennifer said, going there and ringing the chime.

"Come," said Kahn, looking up from reports.

"Good afternoon, sir," she said as she entered, "I'm lieutenant DiAugustina, your new chief science."

Kahn stood up and came around her desk, extending a hand. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. We're glad to have you. Please, have a seat." Azala directed the younger officer to a guest chair and went back around her desk. "Apologies, but I haven't had time to go over your personnel file. Not that I'm worried, Starfleet wouldn't have sent you unless you were qualified," she said, sitting down with a grin.

"Thank you, sir," Jennifer said, "I also have to apologise for arriving late, but the old Miranda I hitched a ride on developed engine troubles. I don't know why they keep those still in the fleet."

Giving a grin, Kahn answered. "I believe that since they are research vessels, that would be why. Like this old beauty," her hands went up in presentation of the room, and ship around it. "Classified a Heavy Explorer, but with enough weaponry to wipe out the surface of a world. With the Mirandas out there it gives more modern vessels a chance to be where they are more needed. At least, that's the Starfleet explanation."

"Still," Jennifer said, "after all these years they can be removed. Just build a couple more of those small Nova's if you need couriers, or even raiders can be used like that."
But it was time to get down to business.
"Anyway, any specific science projects going on at this moment?"

"Not currently," responded Kahn. "Well, not that I have been made aware of, would be the more fair response. With our focus on the planet killer and what to do about it we haven't really been assigning much to the departments, other than getting Sovereign ready for a battle she may not be able to handle. Kirk is researching all historical files, digging into the Intelligence side of things. They always seem to know more than we do. But, with you as Supervisor, I'm sure you'll have projects aplenty to keep your people busy. Like, keeping my sensors at peak efficiency?" Azala gave a grin and tilted her head in a humorous way with the query.

"Are they not, sir," Jennifer asked, making a mental note to check things out, "and what planet killer?"

Kahn gave a slight giggle. "The sensors seem fine, but now that my Chief is aboard, I'm sure they will be. As for the planet killer, it seems several systems, way out in Wild Space, have been systematically destroyed and consumed. There is probe data in the files for you to look at. The one thing that bothers me most is a subspace rift, almost like a Tyken's rift, and within that rift we spotted a starship. The ISS Sovereign. What that means, we have no idea. Now that you're aboard, give me a moment."

Reaching out to her desk top, Azala hit the comm key. "Colt, with DiAugustina aboard, we have no further incoming, correct?"

Colt responded. "Correct, Captain. Cruising along at full impulse, Eclipse and her escorts have warped away."

"Set course for the target system last known for the planet killer. Warp five, engage. Kahn out." Azala tapped the comm off as the stars outside her viewport twirled to one side and then became streaks of light as Sovereign jumped to warp. "Apologies. I have had a lot to deal with, and the Admiral borrowed my Captain's yacht for whatever reason."

"The Galaxy class yacht has no warp," Jennifer said, "but they should have enough shuttles."
In her mind she was already thinking up things that could consume star systems. In view of that, having a mirror ship show up was almost trivial.

"I'll have a look at what we have and start building some models," she said, "but until we can put our own sensors on whatever it is, it can be a lot of things."

"I agree," stated Kahn. "However, when James Kirk faced the planet killer it was using a pure anti-proton beam to slice up planets. The last probe destroyed out that way was hit by anti-proton. The only saving grace is that the planet killer moves at impulse, not warp, so we have several months travel time before it makes it to the Federation border. IF we can stop it."

"If it's the same thing," Jennifer remarked, "I will look at the old logs, but we best make sure that we have more options in case it isn't that."

Getting up from her chair Kahn came around her desk and sat next to Jennifer in the other guest chair, turning her body slightly to face the woman better. "This is why I needed a Science Chief with a mind that thinks outside the box. It is my intention, if at all possible, to board the machine and shut it down. This way Starfleet can study the machine and use it in the future should another arrive."

Jennifer wasn't sure that she wanted starfleet to have a weapon that could destroy whole planets, but she kept silent for now.
"Well, unless there's something else, I'll go and have a look at my department and start working on some ideas."

Azala stood, her business face back on. "Of course, Lieutenant. Carry on." With that said Kahn went back around her desk and sat down, going back to her reading.

"yes, sir," Jennifer said. She left the ready room and went down to the main science labs.


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