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Phase 4

Posted on Wed Nov 29th, 2017 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant Colonel Mike Hatch

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: =/\= Polluxic 2 =/\=
Timeline: 3 Weeks Ago


He had only made it a few feet before he had to skid to a stop to avoid running headlong into a Klingon wearing Starfleet security gold. The officer grinned toothily and wagged a finger before raising up a phaser and pressing the trigger with his thumb....


Hatch was already moving before the beam landed out. The Marine lept forward, tucking into a roll and coming up on his knee to the left of the Klingon, "pa'TaQ," the officer and brought his fist down onto the Majors shoulder.

Mike had started bracing for the counter, however, he hadn't counted on the security officer to use full force. Mike crumpled with the hit and called out as his shoulder dislocated. He hit the ground, landing on his back, and kicked the Klingon in the back of the knee with his heal. They were not supposed to cause real injury to each other, but, if security wanted to play rough the Marine would oblige.

The Lieutenants knee buckled and the Major spun his legs around, catching the other officer in the back of the head. The man went face first into the ground with a loud thud and a grunt. Mike jumped to his feet and stood hunched forward with his good arm up for defense. The ATACS officers didn't move and Hatch stood up straight with a groan and moved over before dropping to one knee and pressing two fingers to the officers jugular. After finding a pulse Hatch stood and gritted his teeth, "this is going to hurt," he said and moved to a nearby holder.

He braced his hand against the holder and held in a breath as he let himself drop to his knees. With a loud crack the Marines shoulder popped into place, "AHHHHHHH," he called out, his voice echoing and blackness edging into his vision.

Mike squeezed his eyes shut for a second and stood up, "team, fall back now," he ordered then moved over to where his rifle lay and picked it up with his good arm.

He staggered off into nearby trees as two more explosions rang out. He shook his head, he'd be rammed if he let ATACS win....


Major Mike Hatch
1st Marauders, 1st Regiment, 1st Battalion Commander
USS Eclipse


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